What Does Maple Wood Look Like?

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Today, you can find a large variety of flooring options for your home. For many years, maple wood has been people's first choice in flooring and furniture material. It has a very light yellow or red color which creates a warm atmosphere in your living space.

It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between different types of woods. After this article, you won't have to wonder 'what does maple wood look like' anymore. The article describes in detail its look, main characteristics, and advantages. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Maple Wood?

Maple wood comes from maple trees that normally grow in North America, Asia, Europe and North Africa.

There are two main types of maple wood: soft, which comes from a few different species, and hard, made of Sugar Maple trees. People use both of them primarily to make furniture.

Maple wood is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Because it can support a lot of weight, it is often used for dressers and kitchen cabinets.

It is also very popular as a type of flooring, which we'll look into closely in this article. Lastly, maple wood is relatively affordable, which makes it a good long-term investment.

What Does Maple Wood Look Like?

When you first cut it, maple will have a very light creamy color. It will turn more yellow with time, or even light red, if you expose it to sunlight. Usually, it brings a very warm natural look to your home. If you use it in the kitchen, for instance, you can find the darker red version as well.

Another important feature is its lack of grain pattern. Maple has a rather subtle straight-grain pattern that falls in the category of plainer woods.

There is also bird's eye maple wood that has unusual elliptical and circular grains, but it can be quite expensive because it is rare.

If you are looking to see clear wood patterns on your floor, this is probably not the best choice. However, maple wood flooring goes well with a variety of styles, from rustic to modern.

One more factor to consider is the sheen level of hardwood floorings. People sometimes concentrate too much on the design and texture so that they forget to consider the type of finish for their floor.

Sheen either reflects or absorbs the light, which can alter the final look of your maple wood flooring.

Maple wood flooring usually come in three levels of sheen: Semi-Gloss, Satin, and Matte. Here are some of the main characteristics of each type of finish


This is probably the shiniest finish you can apply. The level of sheen is about 45-55%. There is one more level above this one, but it is not that popular anymore. People used to believe that the gloss increased durability.

This may not always be true. For example, if you have a very shiny surface, it will be easier to scratch. Because it reflects a lot of light, you can spot even the smallest wear. Also, you can spot dirt and dust on it, so you have to make sure that you clean it regularly.

This type of finish can look very classy, but it requires good maintenance. If you seek practicality, this is probably not the choice for you.


Satin is one of the most popular finishes that even experts prefer. The sheen is approximately 35-40% which makes it a great median between matte and semi-gloss.

On one hand, it hides scratches pretty well, yet it is clear enough for you to see the grains on your floor. Also, you won't be able to see footprints or dirt that easily.

People choose this type of finish because it is rather low-maintenance. If you live in a place with harsh weather throughout the year, this can be a good solution.


Matte has a rather low sheen level. It has almost no light reflection. Interestingly, its popularity has kept growing in recent years.

People like it primarily because it is very low-maintenance and doesn't show signs of scratching. It goes great with country-themed homes, but also with very modern places.

If you need a floor that will blend in with the rest of your furniture, matte finish will probably be the best choice. In the end, it all depends on your taste and preference.

Benefits of Maple Wood Flooring

If you are thinking about getting maple wood flooring for your home, here are some benefits for you to consider

  • It comes in both soft and hard version

Although hardwood is more popular because of its durability, you can also find a softer version to suit your needs.

  • It has a large variety of colors and patterns

Real wood sometimes looks the best only in one color. Maple wood, however, comes in a light, creamy color as well as in red and yellow. You just have to choose the one that goes well with your home.

  • It is very strong and durable

If you have a big family and lots of furniture in your home, you will need a floor that can support all of those. Maple wood is very strong and resistant to wear and tear.

  • It is budget friendly

The price depends on whether you choose solid wood or engineered wood flooring. The first is more expensive, but also more durable. Either way, maple wood flooring is less pricey than some other alternatives.

  • It is easy to maintain

Once you install your maple floor, you won't have to care for it too much. You can either sweep or vacuum it first. Afterwards, you can mop it with light soap to restore its good looks. Have in mind that shinier floors require more care.

Read this if you need a more tips on how to take care of your Maple floor.

The Bottom Line

This article has answered the question 'what does maple wood look like'. As you can see, maple wood flooring has a very nice design that goes well with different styles. Depending on the finish, it can look either very shiny or completely matte. Each has its advantages. You just have to find the option that best suits you.

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