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The Flooring Lady – The Complete Database For All Flooring Questions

The Flooring Lady has been the preferred source for information regarding all flooring questions since 2005. It is this decade-long journey of growing with the flooring industry, sensing its pulse and direction and above all, being the torch-bearer for many a skeptical owner in choosing the flooring for their home or office.

Ever since our inception, we have made it a point to collect the most relevant data from across the flooring industry and share it with our readers. It is a matter of pride for us that there are thousands of individuals who rely on the information that we provide to make a flooring decision, be it their home, industry or office.

And with our latest rejig, we intend to bring the best of the industry to our readers. To this end, we have redesigned our website and incorporated a wide array of social media tools to reach out to our audience in an active way. This renovated platform not only lets us share high-quality information with our readers, but also lets us interact with them in real time. The comments section lets the readers leave their feedback and queries, which will then let us get back with answers and solutions.

We understand that the world of flooring is not that easy as it seems. With new materials, technologies and patterns being introduced frequently, it is understandable that people get confused and is unable to find enough information to make an informed decision. It is this glaring gap that we intend to fill by providing a platform for readers across the country to raise their queries and search for relevant information.

Why Is That?

For instance, if someone is trying to collect adequate information to decide on the flooring for his kitchen, he will need to analyze the various options available at his disposal. He will need to weigh merits and demerits of the various types with respect to his requirement. He will have to consider the price, maintenance, labor requirements etc before he can make a decision. One cannot expect a shop dealer to spare the time and effort and educate the customer in a detailed manner. And even if he does, he will try to sell the products that he has in stock. So where can a person turn to for accurate information in full? That is where the Flooring Lady comes to the picture. With our massive repertoire of flooring information, one can find anything and everything about any flooring option that they are searching for. Moreover, the comments and blogs section on the website feature responses from users across the country that have actual experience in using it. Their valuable feedback can go a long way in convincing people which direction to take.

Here at the Flooring lady, we value the opinion and feedback of our readers very much. We realize that it is our readers who are the most important link in our chain, who helps us, stay relevant by telling us which flooring option to review and which has become obsolete. We have a separate team working on the suggestions received from the readers, analyzing which needs to be taken up and whether to include those in our must read list.

Now that the Flooring Lady has an active presence in all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, we are all geared up to provide real time replies and also expect our readers to chip in with valuable suggestions reading the latest updates in the flooring industry. If you think there is a flooring type that we haven’t reviewed and deserves the space, do let us know. We assure you that we will look into it and take adequate measures.

It is not just home and office flooring that we have covered in our website, we have gone to the extent of reviewing commercial flooring options, gyms, restaurants etc. We have put in extensive attention in to design and formatting, and so that our readers can find the information they need without any hassles.

One thing you won’t find in these articles and blogs is a sales pitch. We provide all the information that is required to arrive at a decision and give the readers the freedom to do so without pushing our suggestions down anyone’s throat. Since we are not affiliated to any flooring manufacturer, you won’t find brand recommendations. However, if we ever decide to promote a product or become an affiliate of a company in the future, we will inform our readers beforehand. Even in such a scenario, we will ensure that the content that goes in the website are unbiased and as always, well-researched.

Do drop in your valuable feedback and suggestions at appropriate places and we will get back to you!