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Why Armstrong Vinyl Flooring is more superior to other floorings?

vinyl flooring is more superior to other floorings
Armstrong vinyl flooring is made by Armstrong World Industries. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Armstrong operates 39 plants in 10 countries and has approximately 13,000 employees worldwide. In 2006, Armstrong’s net sales were $3.42 billion, with operating income of $210.8 million. That’s pretty good for a company that emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October, 2006!


Armstrong vinyl flooring is only one of many products that Armstrong World Industries has made during its nearly 150 year history. In 1860, Thomas H. Armstrong, the son of Scots-Irish immigrants from Londonderry, Ireland, joined with John D. Glass to open a one-room shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, carving bottle stoppers from cork by hand. Armstrong was a shrewd businessman. He branded every cork that left his shop, and soon included a written guarantee in every bag of corks. The company grew to be the world’s largest supplier of corks by 1890.

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