Styles of Berber Carpet

The numerous styles of Berber carpet may seem overwhelming at first, but as you narrow your choices you’ll love the options. There are not only numerous styles of design, but also colors of Berber carpet. Berber carpet styles include cut Berber carpet, sculptured Berber carpet, shag Berber carpet, and even Tunisian Berber carpet. Colors are also varied, Pebble Beach seeming to be a favorite. But the rainbow of colors is delightful, fitting your decor in many ways.

Are you considering having carpet installed in your home? Upon your first visit to the flooring store, you may be slightly overwhelmed by all of the choices available, but by learning a little about your choices, you can become a more informed customer. This will help you to make a better decision and to understand more about the carpet choices that are available. Berber carpet is one of them, so you will see many styles of Berber carpet.

Berber carpeting is a beautiful choice and actually one of the best choices for homes and offices. What is Berber? Berber carpet is known for its loops of yarn that give it a distinctive look. It was named for an African tribe that wore cloaks that were looped like the carpeting. The best thing is that there are many different styles of Berber carpets, which is great for decorating and making your home into the masterpiece that you desire.
The loops of Berber carpet come in different sizes, from large, nubby loops to small precise loops. The different loop sizes can give the carpeting a different feel for each room of your home. In addition, these loops serve to make this carpeting soft to walk on and the loops act as insulators to help keep a room at a constant temperature. The downside to these loops is that you have to be careful not to snag them with furniture, etc. or you could damage your carpet.

Berber carpet styles usually revolve around the different sized loops, which can give the carpeting an unusual look and feel. Large, nubby loops create what is called a shag Berber carpet. This carpet is very soft and cushiony to walk on and lends itself to more of a casual look.

Tighter loops can create a kind of sisal Berber carpet, which can be casual or formal depending upon the room. There are even carpet styles that include cut Berber carpet arranged in patterns such as basket weave, herringbone, and ribbed, which helps give the carpeting visual interest and widespread appeal.

This is called cut-and-loop design. The size of the loops can make a big difference to how the carpet feels and looks in your home, so take that into consideration when choosing your carpeting.

Your choice of carpet can make a big impact upon your entire room’s feel, so it is important to choose carpeting that makes you feel good and that you enjoy. Don’t base your decision solely on price. Quality is much more important. In Berber, you will want to try to find a wool or nylon Berber as it will hold up much longer than the other kinds of Berber that are available.

Tunisian Berber carpet is hard to find, but well worth the money because of its distinctive beauty. Just be sure you buy from a reputable source and not someone who is just claiming that it is Tunisian.
You can find the styles and colors of Berber carpet that you are searching for to create that look for your home.

The color ranges that are available are varied so whether you are looking for carpet colors in sculptured Berber or shag Berber, you are sure to find it. The numerous styles of Berber carpet will let you create the look and feel you want throughout your home or office.

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