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Just as they sound like, carpet remnants are the pieces left over from a large carpet installation project. Carpet sellers dislike seeing leftover fragments go to waste, so they'll usually try to repurpose them somehow. For this reason, sellers will often make remnants available at low prices as area rugs or contractors might use them to replace parts of a carpet that have become damaged.

That's good for the rest of us because we can go to the carpet sellers and ask to see the remnants. They're usually available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs, so we won't have to settle for something that almost works for the space we want to put it in. That gives remnants a major advantage over area rugs that come in only a few standard sizes and shapes

Pros Of Carpet Remnant

The make a cost-effective alternative to area rugs or replacement of damaged carpet

Because you're paying for the leftovers of a carpet installation, you don't have to pay the high price of something that was created specifically to be an area rug. You also wouldn't be paying to replace your entire carpet if you can use remnants to replace only the part that has been damaged.

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

Remnants are kinda environmentally friendly simply because they're the reclaimed leftovers from a carpet application. Sellers prefer to sell these like-new pieces of carpet rather than send them to a landfill somewhere. That's good for the environment because they're reclaiming and using perfectly good materials that would otherwise have contributed to unnecessary waste.

You can just walk into the store and walk out with a remnant

You don't have to wait for a carpet you ordered or even wait for an employee to cut off as much as you need. That's good for you if you care as much about saving time as you do about saving money.

You can usually find something that works for a cheap price

How many times have you gone shopping for an area rug and found something that almost works if only if it was a little smaller or a little cheaper? With carpet remnants, you're less likely to have that problem because they're usually cheap and can actually be a little unpredictable when it comes to the shapes and sizes you'll find simply because there's no “cookie cutter” standard for what a carpet remnant is going to look like. You can simply look through the remnants offered by carpet sellers until you find something that's perfect.

Cons Of Carpet Remnant

Most remnants don't come with a waranty

They're like new, but they also usually don't come with a guarantee because they're the leftovers. You might not care much if you're going to use this in a low-traffic area of your home or to temporarily cover up a flaw in your floor until you can have it fixed, but the lack of a warranty is something to keep in mind while shopping.

It can take a while to find something if you have a specific look in mind

If you have a vague idea that you want something brown or blue or with a palm tree pattern, it's actually easier to find a remnant than if you are looking specifically for a pattern you saw online. You can think of searching through the remnants as a treasure hunt if you like. You might actually find something that you like better than what you originally had in mind. However, if you've already made up your mind and can take a picture to the store clerks, don't be surprised if they direct you to the section with the new rolls because that section is more likely to have what you want.

It can be tough to know what you are getting in a remnant

Sometimes remnants are not clearly labeled, so it can be tough to know what kind of fiber you're getting or if the color matches your existing carpet unless you can bring a color sample in. A truly knowledgeable clerk might be able to give you reliable information, but most clerks aren't exactly experts in carpeting.

Should you buy carpet remnants? They can do well if you can find a remnant you like that's large enough (or small enough) to fit your needs. In some cases, a carpet seller might even be willing to cut off a piece in the dimensions you want if you find one you like but it's way too big. Even better, it's like getting a new carpet or area rug without paying full price for it. You should just be aware of what you're getting so you don't regret your purchase.

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