Kitchen Flooring Cottage Style

Cottage style kitchen floors are an overlooked way of completing your decorating scheme. You can go with wood, especially wide-plank wood flooring, porcelain or ceramic flooring tiles, and even vinyl or linoleum flooring tiles. Kitchen flooring cottage style is more informal and tends to look old.

If casual and vintage is the look you are after, cottage style kitchen floors may be just the ticket to complete your home. A lot of people have started to opt for kitchen flooring cottage style because of the unmistakable sense of uniqueness and class it promises.

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Do you enjoy a home filled with things you love and enjoy looking at, rather than a home that is perfectly matched? Then your home most likely fits into the cottage style. Cottage style is not really a decorating style; rather it is a feeling that your home has. Cottage style homes make you feel welcome and comfortable as soon as you walk into the home. That is why so many people love this carefree and simple decorating style. And to complete the look, go with kitchen flooring — cottage style.


How to get kitchen flooring cottage style?


If you love the cottage style look, then you will also want to incorporate it into your kitchen. Since the kitchen floor can make such a huge impact on the feel of the kitchen, you will want to find some cottage style kitchen flooring. Common choices include bare wood floors, tile — ceramic, porcelain, linoleum or vinyl.


The look of imperfect boards, different width boards, and blemished wood gives the home a character and warmth all its own. If your wood floors are not perfect, embrace them and create the look of the entire room around the floors. If you don’t have existing wood floors, even new wood can be treated to make it look old. Painting wood floors and then treating them to make them look old is another option. Using vintage throw rugs thrown around the room can help to add some color and character to the room as well.


Getting the perfect look for your kitchen


Using different colored tiles to create a checkerboard effect makes the room feel vintage and old, which is what the cottage style is all about. Many tile options can work in the cottage style. Just see which ones remind you of the vintage look you are after, and go with them. Porcelain flooring tiles may give the look you seek, but then again it could be a linoleum flooring tile that creates the right effect. If you can’t afford porcelain, ceramic flooring tiles may be as effective in creating the look you seek and giving you the durability and ease of cleaning. Vinyl and linoleum tiles are also durable and easy to clean, and generally more affordable. We know that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the perfect one for you from among all this. The most efficient way to do this would be use the web to see how each of these looks when actually installed. You are sure to find lots of forums, blogs and websites dedicated to kitchen flooring cottage style which will help you take a decision.


What makes your kitchen special?


Decorating your kitchen in the cottage style is very simple. Take things that make you feel relaxed, such as what you would find in a vacation cottage and use them. Once you find what makes you happy and peaceful, then you will have found the beginning of your own personal cottage style. Most of us have that memory of a cottage in a countryside that you once visited as a child. It is this remnant from childhood that you want to create by opting for a kitchen flooring cottage style. With adequate research, there is every possible chance that you will achieve it in your kitchen.


Use vintage items for a better feel

Most homeowners that embrace cottage style like to furnish their home with finds from flea markets and rummage sales. The look of old furniture gives the home that lived-in feeling and comfort level that people enjoy. Even a new piece of furniture can be made to feel old and given a feeling of history. Vintage items are very important in cottage style decorating. Finding a new use for a cast-off vintage item gives the entire home a loved and lived-in feeling. Use of vintage fabrics also helps to reinforce the feeling of simpler times. There are various places where you can find such vintage pieces. You can even scour online to get them.


Spending a lot of money is not necessary in achieving the cottage style feel. Cottage style decorating will help to make your kitchen feel more inviting and warm. And the cottage style kitchen flooring will complete the look. Don’t you want to try this style for yourself — kitchen flooring, cottage style?

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  2. I don’t see why you can’t just by pine 6″ flooring and paint it white. Look online and at a flooring store to find the best price and availability.
    My recommendation is to use a low VOC paint (Sherwin Williams has a great one) and then seal it with several coats of water-based Urethane Diamond Coat Polyurethane. You’ll have a durable flooring that won’t harm the air you breathe.

  3. We used 1×8 pine boards. We primed all sides, nailed the boards to the floor with a large air gun nailer set to sink the nails in below the surface of the boards and then painted the boards with porch floor paint. The nail gun left these wonderful nail holes that look like the floor was nailed down with square nails. We did all this during a remodeling project that ended up costing more than expected. We thought it would be temporary. 12 years later, we still love the painted floors better than any other floors in the house. They are easy to care for. We let the wood acclimate to the space for about 2 weeks before nailing. In one room we used wood fill between the boards for even easier clean up, but in the bedrooms it has not been necessary. My sister put the same flooring in her house and used Elmer’s glue to fill the gaps between the boards in her kitchen.

  4. Hi Flooring Lady,
    We plan to renovate a cottage on the beach. Tracking sand into the house is an inevitable problem. I am intrigued by the health friendly attributes of linoleum versus vinyl sheet flooring. Will sand or other dirt pose a potential problem with linoleum flooring? What flooring materials would you suggest for the main living areas?
    Thanks for your help,
    Steve in Michigan

  5. Just about any kind of flooring will work, the key is the finish – it has to be very hard, very durable so that the sand doesn’t scratch it. Face it, if sand gets tracked in the house (a certainty!), it’s going to get stepped on, which means it’ll move underfoot, leading to scratching.

  6. Suggestions please! My home has a great cottage feel but I’m stuck with a solution for my dining room. The room (10×11) currently has a very worn stained rug which I’d love to ripe up. My only problem is there’s very old linoleum flooring underneath. One wall has beautiful knotty pine and the others are painted. What type of flooring would you replace with? Desperate for suggestions …..

  7. Hi Katknap –
    I’d suggest ripping up the vinyl too. Just think – it could be hiding a gorgeous old wood floor! Then again, there might have been a very good reason behind why vinyl was laid down! LOL! Either way, I’d still rip it up to see what’s underneath. You’d be able to use just about anything you want to afterwards.

  8. I need your help choosing the kind of flooring we should put in our cottage. The cottage is winterized so that we can go up during the harsh canadian winters, however, we need to choose a flooring that will permit us to suddenly crank the heat without major expansions

  9. Hi
    Have bought an old cottage and wanted to do the kitchen floor with pantiles and wood as a design, have you any advice? or patterns of such a floor…I dont know where to look

  10. Hi Jean,
    I have never seen a pantile floor so can’t offer any suggestions from things I’ve seen, but one idea that popped into my mind as I read your question was from a floor I have seen that intermixes ceramic tile and wood.

    A grid was made with the wood beams or planks, and the tiles were laid inside the grid openings. It looked great. I bet your pantiles will make a beautiful floor, especially if you use an old-looking wood too.

  11. I would like the look of cottage flooring (painted worn plank wood) in my bedroom. I am not sure what type would work best. It would be placed over cement. Any suggestions on what type and where to purchase? Thanks Julene

  12. Hi Julene, There’s such a range of choices and all have their attributes. I would just have to encourage you to take a look at what’s available in your surrounding area. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t know who to recommend to you.

  13. We had a flood-pipe broke! Had to tear everything out. Our kitchen is bear bones! We just ordered white bead board cabinets. I love the cottage feel. I have had so many people tell me to not put dark wood floors in due to it being in our kitchen which gets lots of traffic in our small house and water damage form kids. The rest of our down stairs is mexican tile which I am not to fond of. The rest of our house is very cottage like. We live in San Diego! What type of wood should I go for or should I do laminate in the dinning room and kitchen?

  14. Amy,
    I would say you have been given excellent advice. The darker floors tend to show more dust and scratches then a lighter wood. If you chose real hardwood you can always strip and refinish the color and wood as scratches become an issue. Laminate can scratch and get a ding or two with small children although you would not be able to strip and sand the gouges out as you could to wood. Your budget may also be a deciding factor.
    If you are wanting a cottage look and unsure what to choose why not pick up a few decorating magazine and books or even do a quick search on google. Remember this is the exciting part of renovation, a new start!

  15. We have 8 1/2 inch wood plank flooring throughout the second story of our converted barn. The kitchen, only 35 square feet is part of this space, but covered in awful vinyl flooring from some other era. I would like to replace it, but not sure what will look right up against the wide plank flooring and be nice and easy to maintain. I love stone, wood, rich colors. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

  16. Luis Family,
    Decorating is a personal choice that is very hard to assist with. There are many types of stone and wood available that would be able to be sealed and look very nice in a kitchen. If you are interested in the wood planks, like the original floor, you may look into companies that salvage old barn wood to be reused. You may find just what you are looking for.


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