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If you've thought about installing new flooring, one question you'll get from sellers is, “What color do you want?” This may be the last question you want to hear when you might not have even decided whether you want ceramic tiles, laminate, or natural hardwood yet.

One thing I like to keep in mind as a seller of new flooring, though, is that the right color choice can really make or break how well people are going to like their new floor. I'll spend a lot of time flipping through catalogs because people might have it narrowed down to only a few choices, but they want to make sure it's going to work with the rest of the room. Dark laminate flooring is a pretty popular and one of the best  choices for people who say that they want to add some color to a room.

Benefits of Dark Laminate Flooring

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When people talk about home improvement, one thing they'll often miss is how the floor is supposed to work with the rest of the room. You have the light blue walls, crème colored furniture and white cabinets, and now what are you going to do to add color? Rather than fill the gap with accessories, a dark laminate floor can add the color that you've felt is missing from the room.

Dark Laminate Flooring Does Well In Lit Rooms

If you have a room with a big window that you've considered having refloored, dark laminate can help you avoid the trap of making that room look too bright. Dark laminate is also very good at hiding minor damage that would otherwise stand out in a well-lit room.

Dark Laminate Comes in a Variety of Bold Colors

The good news here is that you aren't stuck with just gray or black. One of the selling points of laminate is that it can mimic the appearance of most exotic hardwoods without being nearly as expensive. The darker shades of bamboo and Brazilian Jatoba are popular options if you think that'll work better with your room. These shades go very well with a warm color scheme that might otherwise clash with a black or gray floor.

Dark Laminate Can Do Well in High Traffic Areas

Living and dining rooms are popular places to put dark laminate floors because they can be combined with other warm colors to make these rooms look warm and inviting. They also do not show wear and tear as quickly as light colored laminate might.

Dark Laminate Makes it Easier to Sweep Up Dust and Pet Fur

Many experts might try to tell you that it's a negative that dark laminate will show every little piece of dust and pet fur that settles on it. This isn't so much of a con at all when someone in your household has allergies or you might have frequent visitors who are allergic to cats or dogs. Carpet has a bad habit of hiding these allergens and so might light-colored floors. When allergens show up easily on your floor, it makes them easier to sweep up and get rid of permanently. That means that dark laminate can be good for your health when combined with regular vacuuming.

Some People Like to Experiment With Laminate

It's not unusual for people to take home four or five samples so that they can make side-by-side comparisons of how each color will look in the room they want to put new flooring in. They may even be deciding on an overall color scheme for their room, so it'll take some time for them to make a final decision. That's perfectly all right because what matters is that you're happy with one of the most important decisions you'll make when revamping a room's overall appearance.

Above all, you should choose the one you like best. If you intend to live in your home for years to come, what matters is that you feel completely comfortable with your flooring selections. Dark laminate flooring is popular with people who want their floor to stand out against a color scheme that might otherwise feel too light for their tastes. As a flooring seller, I can tell you that I enjoy seeing the smiles on customers' faces when they tell me that they found the perfect option for their new floor

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