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Weinman’s polish & restorer is a popular product for a reason. The polish is easy to use, and can give dull and neglected floors a completely new look with just one application. Anyone who is looking to avoid a full floor restoration, or just looking for a way to reinvigorate their hardwood floors will appreciate what this product can do.

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Advantages of Weinman High Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish & Restorer

Simple and effective, this floor polish & restorer can be used on any hardwood floors, providing consistent results with plenty of added benefits.

Minimizes Scratches

The formula in this product can certainly give your floor a better shine with more color consistency, but you’ll notice that any small or fine scratches will suddenly look less prominent as well. Just one application is enough to see countless scratches virtually disappear.

Hardwood Polish from Weiman

Safe for Kids and Pets

Children and pets tend to spend more time in close proximity to the ground, which can be worrisome if you are using highly-toxic floor products. With Weinman’s you don’t have to worry, as the coating is completely safe for your little ones and pets after it dries.

Quick Drying

Speaking of drying, you won’t have to wait long with this one. You can expect to wait roughly 45 minutes to one hour after applying before your floors are safe to walk on and move furniture again.

Protective Layer

Not only will your floor be restored and rejuvenated, it will be better protected as well. This product leaves a thin protective layer to prevent further scratching and damage, while also making clean up easier in most situations.


Some floor products out there can provide a good amount of shine and restoration themselves, but often with an annoying sticky feel afterwards. Weinman’s was sure to avoid that pitfall when creating this formula without risking a finish that is too slick as well.

Polishing Affects

Disadvantages of Weinman High Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish & Restorer

This hardwood floor product does have some room for improvement


One bottle of this can cover roughly 500 square feet when applied properly. Unfortunately, some homeowners might need a few attempts to learn how to apply it correctly, so the bottle can be used up rather quickly if you’re not careful, or if you have a large home.


Inexperienced users may also experience some slight build-up from the protective coating if applied unevenly or improperly. This can be avoided by being more efficient during application, however.


If you’re pondering whether or not to have your floors professionally refinished, give this product a try first. The level of restoration and shine is actually somewhat surprising, and will give your floors this look for several months before needing to be reapplied.

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As always, polishes and restorers work better on clean floors. The application process itself may take a try or two to get it down right, but once you do, you’ll have a reliable and highly effective way to make sure your floors look their best, well beyond their years.

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