Types Of Laminate Floors

It has become increasingly popular to choose laminate as the flooring for your home. Not only is it much more affordable than your regular hardwood floorings, but it comes with all of the same options and many more benefits.

However, even if you’ve made the final decision to install laminate flooring, you still have more decisions to make. Laminate comes in many different varieties, ranging in types, color, and width. Thus, you still have a tough decision to make. Sure, you want laminate, but what type should you get?

I have created a list of three great options for your home. Each is uniquely different, and each would add something great to your home!

Walnut Laminate Flooring

One of the more popular options in laminate flooring is walnut laminate flooring. It is a very attractive looking floor that many enjoy installing in their homes. If you are looking for a laminate floor that will give you the touch of elegance you desire, you will certainly want to look deeper into the qualities of this floor. It has a glossy type look to it that many find to be the perfect look for their home.

You can also get walnut laminate flooring in a variety of colors, meaning it will match with just about any type of room or home. Thus, if you want to choose walnut, you won’t have to buy all new decorations or furniture to match with the floor.

Oak Laminate Flooring

Easily one of the most popular options for laminate floors, oak laminate flooring is what many people think of when someone mentions laminate. This flooring option is so popular because of the way it can be both elegant and classic at the same time, adding a unique touch to any home. There are several different types of oak laminate flooring to choose from, including rustic or antique oak, American oak, and even Winchester oak. Thus, your options are varied, giving you flexibility when you are choosing how it will fit in the rooms of your home. You also have the option of choosing a desired thickness of the wood planks, something that can add a unique touch to any room in your home.

Embossed Laminate Flooring

A laminate flooring option that is talked about a little less is the embossed laminate flooring. Not only does embossed laminate flooring imitate the look of hardwood flooring, but it also feels like real hardwood. Essentially, they texture the floor to make it feel more realistic. In this option, you have many different patterns and hues, meaning you can choose an option that is going to best fit your home’s style.

When looking at these three options, you might think there is no way to choose between them. However, there is. It comes down to preference. You already know that you want a laminate floor, so cost is likely a factor. As these are all forms of laminate they will likely have a similar price. Thus, it comes down to what you want in a floor. If you want a laminate floor that looks as similar to hard wood as it possibly can, I would definitely recommend purchasing the embossed laminate flooring, as it will give you that wood texture you want. However, the walnut laminate flooring will give you so many options to choose from, giving you much more flexibility in your home improvements. The oak laminate flooring is obviously a good choice, otherwise it wouldn’t be one of the most popular ones. As far as laminate goes, the walnut and oak seem to be rather simple. They will both give you an elegant look, but the oak will give that extra touch of the classic look.

When it comes down to the decision, it all depends on personal preference. Each option is a good option, but they may not all be good for you. No worries. When it comes to your home, you never want to settle for anything less than exactly what you want.

If neither of these options seem like a good choice to you, I encourage you to look into it more! These just happen to be three of the more unique or popular choices when it comes to laminate options. However, they may not pique your interest. Regardless of what you decide, you’re making a good choice simply by choosing to install laminate.

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