Recycled carpet, Rebond carpet!

What is a rebond carpet?


A rebond carpet pad is one of the more common types of carpet padding. Its manufacturing uses recycled foam to create the pad that goes under carpet, giving a cushioned feel and extra life to the carpet.

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Carpet padding is often the last thing most people think about when making a carpeting decision. Padding can have a huge effect on the feel and durability of your carpeting, however, so it’s important that you put some time and thought into this stage of installation. Rebond carpet padding is the most common kind of carpet padding that is used in homes and businesses, due to the fact that it has many of the benefits of other types of carpet padding all combined in one type of carpet pad.


The very fact that it is made of recycled foam attracts a lot of people who are against wanton wastage of resources that can be otherwise be put to good use. For them, it doesn’t really matter what goes beneath their carpet as long as it is comfortable and doesn’t pose any health problems. If the same can be achieved by using a recycled product, it will fit their beliefs perfectly. This is what rebond carpet padding does.


How is it made?


Rebond carpet padding is constructed of several different foam particles fused into one piece of padding.

Different kinds of foam are used to create the rebond carpet padding, giving the carpet padding added features that can’t be found in foam pads made of only one foam type. For the most part, rebond carpet padding is constructed of pieces of foam that are recycled from making carpeting, car seats, furniture, or other items that contain foam. There are some manufacturers that only use a particular type of foam, but most manufacturers use the foam that they recycle from other projects. One type of rebond carpet pad combines rebounded flexible polyurethane foam and flexible prime urethane foam.


The combination of these two foams help to create a flexible, comfortable, and durable carpet pad and this is why a rebond carpet pad is the most popular type of carpet padding. They are bonded together by either a liquid adhesive or flame method, depending upon the manufacturer. One question to answer though is whether these foams have finished off-gassing by the time they are used in your home or office.


Healthy padding option


It is important that you keep the carpet padding dry to help prevent any microbial growth. This includes any moisture that may seep through concrete slabs. If you are not careful with your padding, you could be setting yourself up for big problems in the long run, including mold, mildew, and other problems that contribute to health problems. Carefully consider this issue, especially if you or a member of your family suffers from allergies or allergy-induced asthma.


Types of Rebond carpet padding


Rebond carpet padding comes in many different densities. The density of the rebond carpet pad determines how much cushioning it can give the carpeting. Your primary choices include low- and medium-density pads.


A low-density carpet pad will not support the carpeting very well and this can cause the carpeting to wear our prematurely. But, it’s good for people with walking problems because it doesn’t give as much, giving people a firmer surface to walk on. The solid walking surface reduces trips and falls of seniors and mobility impaired people. Therefore, this is widely in demand in homes where there are older people. it is also being increasingly used in hospital wards and old age homes.


A medium-density rebond carpet pad is the best choice to help your carpeting last for as long as possible. You want to get a rebond carpet pad that has a density of 6 pounds or more to make sure that you are getting a carpet pad that will keep your carpets in good shape for a long time and that will keep your feet comfortable when walking through your home. But this padding density can be a problem for people who are challenged by walking because it gives. That squishy feeling most of us like as we walk on carpeted floors aggravates people with mobility impairment.


Economical option


Another factor that works in its favor is the relatively low price of the padding. Compared to other types that use costly raw materials, rebond carpets are much cheaper simply because they use recycled products. Hence, this can easily be the ideal choice for someone who wants to give their home a new look in the form of carpet padding without having to burn holes in their pocket.


When you have carpets installed, you want to carefully consider the carpet padding that is going under your carpeting. Without a quality carpet pad, you will find that your carpeting will not last as long and it will not be very comfortable to walk or sit on. A rebond carpet pad is an excellent medium-priced carpet pad for your home and your room.


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