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You’ve undoubtedly heard users endorse about the Rainbow Vacuum, and the rave reviews are all true! One of the biggest selling points of the Rainbow Vacuum is that it will last and last and last, for decades. If you're looking for information on the Rainbow Vacuum itself, check out our article on the effectiveness of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner and see why they are so popular.

Rainbow Vacuum Attachments

While the machine itself will last for a lifetime if properly taken care of, the individual pieces may wear out over time or something could happen where one of the attachments gets broken. Do not worry, you can purchase the individual attachments for the Rainbow Vacuum to replace any broken pieces without having to replace the entire machine.

While you may find that you will use some of these attachments more than others, each one was designed with a specific purpose in mind. If you are really wanting to get the most from your Rainbow Vacuum, you’ll want to learn to use each of the attachments for its specially designed purpose. There may seem like a lot of parts at first, but really switching between these attachments is very easy, and I’ve included a breakdown below of what each one is designed to do. Details on how to use each attachment will also come with your manual and videos can be found online showing you how each piece is used.

These attachments are available from Rainbow Parts and Supplies Dealers and also available through many online resources, including Amazon. I’ve included links here to the parts available on Amazon, but you can always purchase elsewhere if that is your preference.

Floor and Wall Brush

The floor and wall brush is to be used on non-carpet surfaces, like your hardwoods or linoleum or tile. This can also be used to clean walls, of course, but also something like the countertops, cabinets and, my personal favorite, on top of the cabinets and refrigerator! The wall brush has soft bristles that won’t scratch paint off walls or damage your floors or finishes

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Upholstery Tool

The Rainbow Vacuum upholstery tool is designed to be very similar to the floor and wall brush, but is narrower than the floor and wall brush with a width of only 7 inches. This is what you will want to use on your blinds and lamp shades, in addition to upholstered items like your sofas, chairs and pillows. Use this down in the cracks of your couch to get up all the dust and dirt that gets trapped there, or to remove pet hair from furniture

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Confined Space Cleaner and Inflation Tool

The inflator tool uses the exhaust valve of the Rainbow Vacuum to inflate air mattresses, exercise balls, toys and anything else you may need to inflate! The “confined space cleaner” aspect of this tool replaces those little air canisters you can purchase to clean out keyboards or blow dust and crumbs out of small spaces in your kitchen. In my kitchen, I have an issue with bread crumbs getting trapped between the oven and counter space, and this is the tool I use to blast those crumbs out of there so I can get a really deep clean in that space!

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Attachment Caddy

With all the additional tools and accessories you can purchase for your Rainbow Vacuum, the attachment caddy helps keep all the pieces organized and makes moving the pieces from room to room as you clean significantly easier and more convenient,

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Dusting Brush

Using the dusting brush attachment on your Rainbow Vacuum is so much better than traditional dusting! Rather than pushing the dust around the room, this little dusting brush works to loosen the dust and then suck it up into the vacuum. With other cloths, you will always run into the issue of what to do with the dust. You are either moving the dust about in the room or you have to take your dusting cloth outside and shake it out afterwards, releasing all that dust into the air around you: irritating for anyone, but largely impossible for those with asthma or severe allergies. The dusting brush solves all of that!

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Crevice Tool

The crevice tool attachment is narrower than other styles that I’ve seen, and I really like just thin it is. You can truly get into the farthest reaches of hard-to-get places like behind bookshelves and underneath sofas and chairs with this. Not to mention, this is the most important tool on a vacuum if you have pets, as it will help collect pet hair off the baseboards.

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Refrigerator Coil Cleaner

This is a really unique attachment to have with your vacuum, as it’s typically pretty difficult to get the refrigerator cooling coils clean in your home. Keeping the coils of your large appliances, like your refrigerator, washer and dryer, clean of crumbs and dust will really increase the lifespan of your appliances and make a notable difference in the efficiency of your home

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Aerofresh Bag

This tool is especially important for allergy sufferers. Pillows and cushions go into the bag. With the upholstery tool attached to the Rainbow Vacuum, you suck the dust, dirt, pet hair and other irritants out of the cushions! No more replacing all of your pillows and cushions every year! Refresh them every few months and you’ll be living in a cleaner and healthier environment!

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Rainbow Vacuum Accesories

In addition to all of the attachments that work alongside your Rainbow Vacuum, there are accessories you may want to add. Of course, these are absolutely optional, but you may find that they are helpful or solve a cleaning problem you specifically have.

Power Nozzle

With a rotating brush head, the power nozzle is a great choice if you have pets that shed. The brushes really get dirt and hair out of carpeting and pick it up off hard surface flooring without just moving it around. The rubber edge is my favorite feature, as it saves your furniture and walls from dents and scratches as you vacuum with the power nozzle-especially important if you like to dance while vacuuming, as I do! The headlights are a nice touch on here for ensuring you get a good clean even in the shadowy corners.


This is the best accessory for deep carpet cleaning. If you’re buying a used home where the carpet needs to be rescued or spills and stains are a regular thing in your home, the AquaMate with the corresponding special cleaner will do the deep cleaning and shampooing you need without a lot of chemicals that may irritate you or damage your carpets.

RainJet and Jetpad

The RainJet is perfect for cleaning tile and grout. If you want to use your Rainbow to clean your tile or linoleum bathrooms and kitchen floors, this is a great tool for you. They come with a trigger so you can control how much of the cleaning solution is applied to the floor-important to make sure that you aren’t over-soaking your floors.

Similarly, the JetPad is great for the linoleum and tile, but has an extra wide head with reusable microfiber cleaning pads. If you have a large tile or linoleum area in your home, the JetPad is for you!


The MiniJet shampoos and removes stains from carpet and upholstery, but also has a 10 foot hose! The hose is the best part of this accessory, in my opinion, as it makes cleaning areas like the stairs extremely easy.


The RainbowMate is designed to harness the power of your Rainbow Vacuum but in miniature, so you can use this on the harder to reach areas of your home like carpeted stairs, car interiors and even mattresses.


Freshen your home by adding a few drops of scents to your Rainbow Vacuum to the water reservoir chamber. Some of the fragrances included are eucalyptus, lemon, gardenia and tea tree mint.

Cleaning Solutions

You are not required to use Rainbow Brand cleaning solutions with your Rainbow Vacuum, but these quality cleaners really help you get the most from your cleaning. Currently, the solutions available are an air cleaner, a hard-floor cleaner, the “AquaMate” shampooing solution, and the Rexafoamer, which is designed to clean smaller surfaces like rugs and upholstery.


The RainMate and RainMate IL (with LED lights) are the Rainbow Vacuum brand’s diffusers. More than just diffusing scents into the air, however, these filter the air in your home while infusing it with scents.


Some of the other accessories offered by Rainbow for their vacuums include a larger water basin, an extra long hose, the cleaning solution sprayer, and more.

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