Give a classy look with Porcelain Tiles for the Kitchen

Porcelain tile for the kitchen is a beautiful and durable choice. Porcelain tile comes in a rainbow of colors, allowing you to imitate stone floor tiles or go with something bright and colorful. Porcelain flooring is a bit expensive, but the durability makes it a cost effective flooring. Porcelain tiles are harder to cut than ceramic tiles so are best left to professional installers. Porcelain tiles for kitchen flooring may be just the way to go because porcelain kitchen tile is easy to care for and durable.

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Advantages of Porcelain Tiles for the Kitchen

Kitchen is one area where the floor is going to be abused day in out. Things are going to be spilled every now and then. This calls for a flooring which is not only durable but can be kept clean easily. This is where Porcelain Tiles for the Kitchen fits the bill perfectly.


Most people think of porcelain as being fragile and easy to break, but in fact, porcelain flooring is very durable and is one of the strongest flooring choices available today. The beautiful hues and color variations of porcelain tile make it a sought after flooring choice for just about anywhere in the home. Porcelain tiles are also used on countertops, backsplashes, walls and around spa tubs when used in the mosaic form. It is easy to create a look all your own with all of the many porcelain tiles that are available. A lot of people these days who wants to break away from the regular pattern of tiles and wooden flooring have embraced porcelain tiles for the kitchen. They are not only durable, but are also easy to clean and maintain.


Why kitchen flooring is important?


Why should you use porcelain tiles for kitchen flooring? There are many reasons but the most important reason is the high traffic that a kitchen normal sees. In typical homes, the kitchen is the most used room in the entire house, so it is very important to choose flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and will be able to withstand years of wear and tear. Porcelain tile is a very hard and durable surface that will be able to withstand all of the abuse that your family will give it.


Porcelain tile is more expensive than ceramic tile, but is cheaper than the other types of stone flooring. If your budget will not support stone flooring, then you may want to consider porcelain tile. The beautiful color variations of porcelain tile can give you the same feel as stone, without the price tag, or let you go wild and bold. The large porcelain tiles helps to give a room a large, open feeling, and it looks wonderful too. Because of its considerably low cost when stacked against stone flooring, people feel they have the freedom to experiment a bit with the designs and patterns. There are numerous designs to choose from and if you need help with them, you can always make use of the internet or even seek the help of an expert.


Call a professional for installing Porcelain Tiles for the Kitchen


Porcelain kitchen tile is not a flooring type that most do-it-yourselfer’s can install themselves because of the hardness of the tiles. The hardness comes from being fired at very high kiln temperatures (1200-1350 degrees Celsius, or 2192-2462 degrees Fahrenheit). Tiles are measured by MOH (measure of hardness), a scale developed by the Porcelain Enamel Institute; ratings of 6-7 are quite common. Due to this hardness, it takes special tools and machines to cut the tiles. This makes it more difficult as most homeowners do not own or don’t typically own or know how to work these machines. Unless you are experienced at installing porcelain tile, then you may want to leave the installation to professionals to make sure that it will be installed well. The money that you spent on the professional is well spent because you do not want your porcelain chips being cut the wrong way.


While some salespeople tell consumers that they do not have to worry if their porcelain tile chips because the color runs entirely through the tile, in some cases this is not true. Some tiles only have color in the tile glaze while others have color running through the body of the tile. It’s good to ask before you purchase your porcelain kitchen tile which style you have. You don’t want to find that out after you have a chip in your tile.


Porcelain tiles for kitchen flooring are a great choice. The durability and ease of maintenance are great benefits to having porcelain tile in the kitchen. The beautiful colors will make your kitchen look great instantly no matter what design style that you have. The beautiful porcelain tile will add value to your home and interest to your kitchen. If you are looking for a wonderful high-end look for your kitchen, then porcelain tiles are a great choice.

14 thoughts on “Give a classy look with Porcelain Tiles for the Kitchen”

  1. Useful. I searched all over for a straight answer to the question: Could I and should I use porcelain tile in the kitchen – and now I know.
    This is a great place for simple information about flooring.

  2. We are doing a complete remodel. Our cabinets will be creamy light oak stain. Our counters will be Ladies’ Dream Granite (lava layers of beige gray burgundy). Very mural. This will be on the island as well. I am suggesting porcelain floor medium tones with a quiet pattern. My husband likes a tile with same colors but with a definite pattern. It has charater, but I feel they will both be too strong.The kitchen is 15’x11′. help!

  3. Ladies’ Dream is beautiful, it will look wonderful on the countertop and island countertop. I’m inclined to agree with you about the flooring tile though, I too think something softer in color would look better and really help to make the Ladies’ Dream stand out. It sounds like you want your countertops to be the focal point in your kitchen and a patterned floor is going to detract from that and make the whole space seem ‘too busy’.

  4. We had approx. 900 sq ft of porcelain tile installed in our home about 2 years ago. We have a problem with it showing dirt easily especially in the kitchen. When we take up the throw rugs to mop, you can see the area where the rug was and even after mopping you can still see the discolored area. Is there something we are doing wrong? We use either Simple Green or vinegar in a commercial mop bucket along with a commercial mop to clean it. Thanks for your suggestions/help.

  5. Was your flooring sealed after installation? If so, it may need resealed again – after you remove the stains.
    A couple products to try that may help would be StainSolver — it would
    be better than OxyClean because it’s got more bleaching action and Enviro-One — it’s been good for
    stain removal in general. You might also want to check out the products available at AquaMix – they have very good products and they’re also very happy to answer questions when you call them. Good luck!

  6. I am moving to AZ with my family and the house we purchased has a porcelain living space were I would like to put a pool table. What kind of problem would I have if a ball hits the tile?

  7. Hi Rob,
    It depends on the porcelain itself, though yes, I would think that billiard balls would be hazardous to the tile’s health. :~( Porcelain tile is strong, but can crack and chip – the thinner it is, the more likely it is that this can happen.

  8. My name is Rev.Mike Larry i am with the Presbyterian Church of God and i
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    thank you

  9. Jim,
    It is really hard to make a decorating choice when you cannot see the actual room. The color of the flooring would really depend on your personal taste. But sometimes using the same material/color for both kitchen flooring and countertops helps unify the kitchen and gives it a more sophisticated and up-to-date look.

  10. The best part of your article for me is when you talked about how the color of the porcelain tiles can give your kitchen an elegant and beautiful look no matter what design style that you have. I also like that you mentioned how durable porcelain tiles are which can be a good investment. I’m looking to renovate our kitchen to prepare it for the holidays. For me, it’s important to me choose a flooring material that can add value to our kitchen and will not require too much maintenance. I will make sure to consider choosing porcelain flooring for my kitchen.

  11. I definitely agree that it’s important to choose flooring that is durable, easy to clean, and can withstand years of wear and tear for your kitchen which is regarded to be the most used room in the entire house. My husband and I are planning to replace the flooring in our kitchen. We want to make sure that the type of flooring that has a durable surface to ensure that we will be able to have it for a long time. My family loves cooking and baking, so it’s essential for us to choose a type of flooring that we can rely on for the years to come. I will make sure to consider porcelain tile flooring. Thanks!


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