Pine Plank Flooring – Highly Durable Flooring

Selecting Pine plank flooring is a great way to go with your flooring choice. Pine, though softer than oak and other hardwoods, is durable — as evidenced by the old homes that have great- looking pine floors. The width of the planks you choose impact the feel of the room, varying from a casual to an elegant look. Whether you preferences range from a light to a dark finish, or a high- or low-sheen seal, you have lots of control of the finished look you get.


Why choose this type of flooring?


Old world craftsmanship is still something that homeowners want in their homes. Pine flooring is a way to enhance that old world style and to add to that warm and inviting feeling that you are trying to create. By adding this type of flooring to your home, you can help to give you room or your entire home that welcoming feel that you are desiring. They are warm, rustic and inviting, that no one would object if they see this kind of flooring in a finished state. This kind of flooring is really apt for a modern building.


Things You Need to Know


Pine flooring is a softwood, rather than a hardwood, effecting the durability and look for the floor. This kind of flooring may get dents and dings from normal, everyday use, but many people find that these imperfections only make the flooring even more visually appealing and beautiful. They are durable, as evidenced by the fact that you can find pine flooring in homes from the 1800’s. By understanding that there may be some imperfections and taking them as part of the visual interest of the flooring, you will be able to determine if installing pine plank flooring is the right choice for you.


Range of Choices


They come in a variety of different hues, grains, and stains. By looking at all of the different choices that are available, you can find the flooring that suits your visual needs. The grain of the pine planks can have a big impact upon how interesting the floor is to look at. From knots to burling to swirls and more, the graining of the wood that you choose can make a big difference on the look of your flooring.


Ideal Choice for Flooring


Stains of all different shades from a gloss to a dark shade are available to allow you to choose the color of flooring that will work best with your existing moldings, doors, and windows. By choosing a stain or finish that goes with existing features and that enhances the graining of the wood, you can save yourself time and money in having to redecorate the entire room and have beautiful floors that will give you years of beauty and enjoyment.Cleaning pine plank flooring is also relatively easy and simple.


Available in Various Sizes


Pine planks comes in several different widths. The wider planks have more of the older look and feel, but any of them can help to add beauty to your home. These planks come in widths up to one foot in width to help you create the look and feel that you want in your room or home. The wider planks help to make your home feel more open, because there are fewer line breaks in the flooring, due to the fact that fewer planks are needed.


Pine Flooring Options


Some of the things that need to be considered before installing are:


  • Whether you are going for an antique or new pine flooring, where new flooring is freshly cut planks from pine trees, whereas antique flooring is the milled from existing or old timbers, which are darker in color and can have a tighter grain.


  • Heart content is also important when selecting pine plank flooring. Heart Content is the wood that is cut from the center of the tree. Normally, wood at the center is darker, than the wood outside, so when buying your pine planks, make sure to check, if the timber consists of around 75-80% of heart content.


  • Also look for the structure of the knots present in the timber. Basically, the pine planks can have a clear or large knots. But the best timber, which has large and right knots that would add a unique characteristic to your floor.




If you have visited older homes and love the look and feel of them, then installingpine plank flooring can help you to transfer that old feel to your newer home. It can give your home a new warm and welcoming feel that will make friends and family alike feel comfortable.


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