O-Cedar Mop Bucket System

O-Cedar’s Easy Wring Spin Mop Bucket System features a very well-thought design that minimizes numerous issues that one may have when using a standard mop.

Advantages of the O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop Bucket System

You’ll find plenty of features and benefits right off the bat when using this mop bucket system, making it useful in countless situations and settings, regardless of your floor type, be it hardwood, laminate, concrete, or anything else.

Pedal-Operated Wringer

If you’re someone who hates handwringing mops while cleaning, you’ll love the pedal wringer of this bucket. Simply place your mop inside the spinner, press the pedal, and the wringer spins and removes excess moisture.

Mop and Bucket

You can use the wringer as many times as you’d like, depending on the amount of moisture you want while cleaning. This prevents excessive cleaner or water on your floor surface, which is a common drawback of regular mop systems.

Splash Guard

The wringer itself has a built-in splash guard that prevents water and cleaner from flying all over the place when in use. Everything is contained to the bucket.

Triangular, Microfiber Mop Design

The mop material is made from durable microfiber that can be used countless times while offering much better cleaning and scrubbing ability than basic mops. The mophead itself a slight triangular design on the front edge, which allows you to clean corners much easier, helping you to save time and effort.

Telescoping Handle

The mop’s handle can easily compact for storage when not in use. Simply twist the handle and collapse inwards when you’re done cleaning.

O´Cedar Mop and Bucket

Disadvantages of the O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop Bucket System

O-Cedar has made quite the product, but there are a few aspects of this mop system that could be improved.


The mophead is likely to shed after the first use, so be prepared to have to clean that up when the floor dries. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem after the mop’s first use.

Difficult Mophead Removal

When the time comes to wash the mophead or swap it for a replacement, you may encounter a difficult time getting it off of the handle.

One Bucket, No Compartments

Some mop systems have two compartments for clean water and either dirty water or water with cleaner. This system uses one compartment, but the pedal wringer does help a lot with this issue.


There are plenty of people who dread mopping, and for good reasons. O-Cedar has addressed nearly every issue one has when using a regular mop system, making your house cleaning experience much easier and efficient.

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The numerous features makes this product one of the best you can use in your home, allowing you to clean your floors in a shorter amount of time without all the wringing and bending over from basic mops and buckets.

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