Nylon Berber Carpet

Nylon Berber carpet is a good choice for those looking for the elegance of Berber carpeting without the expense of wool Berber carpet. It holds up to stains and traffic better than other petroleum-based fibers used to make carpet too.

Berber carpeting has seen an explosion in its popularity over the last few years. One of the main reasons for this is its classic beauty. But it is also easy to clean and maintain. Consumers are looking for ways to cover their floors that both look good and do not take much time out of their busy lives to clean and take care of. That is why many people are turning to the many different Berber carpets that are available. Learning about the choices available, however, will make you a more informed consumer and will help you to make a decision that you will be satisfied with for many years.

Nylon Berber carpet is one of the best choices that is available, next to the wool Berber. The bad thing is that with the advent of the less expensive olefin Berber and PET Berber, it may be more difficult to locate 100% nylon Berber carpets in your flooring store. It is worth it to search for the nylon Berber though, because it will give you many more years of quality use than other man-made Berber carpet fibers that are available. That makes its slightly more expensive price well worth it in the end because you will be able to enjoy it much longer.

What makes nylon Berber carpet so great?
There are many different reasons that you should consider a nylon Berber. The first reason is that it resists stains, mold, and mildew. If a stain is attended to as soon as possible after occurring, it will most likely come up with very little work. It is also crush resistant, which is great for high traffic areas. The color is maintained in nylon Berber as well. Some of the olefin and PET Berbers seem to have a problem in this area and turn dingy looking after awhile.
Nylon Berber keeps its true color year after year. Another issue with the olefin and PET Berbers is that they have a low flashpoint. This means that sometimes when you drag furniture it a scorch or melt mark can develop.Then you are left with a mark that cannot be removed.That’s why you want to buy a quality Berber that will last you through years of wear and tear.


The first choice in Berber carpeting is wool Berber, but with its expensive cost, many people just cannot work it into their budget. The second choice is a 100% nylon Berber carpet. Do not be fooled by a nylon/olefin blend of Berber. Ask if it is 100% nylon before buying.
Research is essential when choosing a Berber carpet for your home. You can save yourself time and money over the long haul if you will learn more about what you are buying. Satisfaction will also increase because you will know exactly what the pros and cons are of your particular choice. Satisfaction is your goal, isn’t it?

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