Give the traditional look to your Home with linen carpet

Linen carpet is said to be the traditional carpet. But, it needs lot of tasks and efforts to manufacture it. The linen carpets are completely made up of wool and so it is obtained with the blending characteristics. Among various originating places of linen carpets, its IRISH origination is said to be very strong. It is not only used for binding carpets, but also used for stitching. It is mostly concerned with the application in wall to wall carpeting and area rugs.


At sometimes, it is more usual to see the stand alone application of carpets and rug preparation. In some cases, it is also usual to see that it is being used as blended carpets like wool or cotton.

It is said to be the warp of woven carpet. In general, it is a strong fiber having ability to stay away from scratching in pulled state.  Though it is a hard fiber, it cannot hold heavy traffic. It is one of the first products standing in the list of “early man” made product.  It is being originated from the flax plants.

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Wall Carpeting:


Its initial application was seen in clothes and other fabrics. It should be blended with fibers for carpet manufacture. You can find the 100 5 handmade linen carpets. They come from various backend like cotton, polyester and jute. It is available in various ranges of colors. Linen carpet sourced from wool is mainly applied in the cars and wall to wall carpeting.

It is also specialized in tiles world. Yes, it’s one of the application is tiles. These were initially found by Chinese and Portuguese. There are various ratios in the mixture of wool and linen like 50: 50 and 80: 20.

The special thing about linen carpet is, carpet beetle cannot hold the cellulosic fiber and so it is safe from that kind of damage. Cleaning rugs and carpets follows the same approach. In order to maintain the rugs, you should get more information about rugs from your suppliers in order to maintain it in safe condition.


Best For Tapestry:


Though it is having major applications in various circumstances, it is not the best option for flooring in residential and commercial buildings. It will be best in application as tapestry. When you want to know about linen carpet, you should thorough in applications of carpets. In general, carpets allow people to access easy and also it is easy to install. It is one of the fashionable creations.

They can be used in either wall to wall carpet cleaning and also in flooring surfaces. If you buy quality carpet, then you can forget the frequent change of carpet, since it comes up with quality of ability to hold wear. It is free from dust and so allergies cannot be felt at any cause. It is also concerned with safety. It will not make you to afraid of slippery feel even in wet condition.

It is designed with orthopedic properties and so it will allow you to use it with its perfect cushioning effect. Now, we must enter the specified applications of linen carpet. It is a kind of soft fabric and so it will not pill. It acts as good resistant to dirty and stains. It is more consistent than cotton. It is designed with antistatic qualities by nature without application of any harsh chemicals.

If you ask about its disadvantage, if it is the pure linen, then it may be with presence of some wrinkles. It is similar to silk and hence gives you attractive look especially when it is being used for draperies. It can undergo various processes such as dry cleaning and washing. It has natural luster and obtained with various colors ranging from ivory and grey. It has anti allergic properties and so it will not make you to feel allergy. It is the perfect match for drapery panels.


Used As Bed Linens:


If it is being used as bed linens, you can enjoy various benefits associated with linen when being used as softer material. As it undergoes more washing, it will give softer look more. For its care, if it looks like shrinking, then you should not dry it more. It is having major benefit as seasonal adaptable. It will give cool environment in summer and warm environment in winter.

Being as headboard, it provide you clean, simple and medium look. Its mass looking style will impress everyone.  If you are the design liker, then you can adapt for linen wall paper as it is having ability to get added with any layer of texture. When it is being used as table clothes, you will enjoy more features like casual and more styles. It is more preferred option for formal tables. It has the organic material and it will give you comfortableness in natural color itself. It needs not to be ironed.

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