All that you need to know about how to install laminate flooring

You might be thinking that installing laminate flooring is really difficult task but that is a misconception. It is easy to learn how to install laminate flooring. If you are careful and measure twice so you only have to cut once, you will have a new floor in no time. You get the beauty of wood floors without the challenge of installation, and without the maintenance issues associated with wood floors. That is really easy isn’t it?



Fundamental details about installing laminate flooring


It is known to all that the do it yourself industry has greatly expanded over the last decade due to the prevalence of home design shows on television and on the internet. This expansion of knowledge has, in turn, caused manufacturers to make their products more user friendly, so that homeowners can do many of their home projects themselves.

This actually makes the product more economic and cost effective for the consumers. One of the best products that you will want to consider for your home if you need or want new floors is laminate flooring. Most people are little partial to Pergo because they off gas the flooring before even shipping it to stores. Laminate flooring is durable, somewhat inexpensive and it is easy to install.


Tips and techniques


Finding information about how to install laminate flooring is not as difficult as you might think. The internet has a plethora of websites where you can very easily find instructions and tips on installing all different types of flooring, including laminate flooring. A simple search using your favorite search engine can give you the installation instructions that you need to install your laminate flooring, as well as a list of tools and other items that you may need for easy and efficient installation. You can even go through videos showing exactly how to go about it step wise.


The floating floor


Laminate flooring is considered a floating floor, because it is not nailed or glued down — if you have “click and lock” planks. This floating floor has many different benefits that makes it a much more durable choice than hardwood, which is why many people turn to laminate floors for their home.


Some chief steps for installing laminate flooring


This article will guide you to know easy ways to install laminate flooring. Scissors and a saw are all you need to install your laminate flooring. If you are installing your laminate flooring over a concrete subfloor, you want to install a moisture barrier first. This reduces the moisture that comes into contact with your flooring. A moisture barrier is easily laid out and cut to fit with scissors. Raven Industries manufactures a great moisture barrier. The next step for you is to lay the underlayment. It is sometimes made of foam, though cork is a great underlayment and more environmentally friendly. This layer softens the sound transfer between floors but at the same time it also muffles the sounds within the room the laminate flooring is installed.


Essential factors before installing the laminate flooring


You want to keep a few things in mind with your flooring project to overcome the challenges of installing laminate flooring. Acclimate the laminate flooring for at least 3-4 days, if not longer. By doing this, you help prevent buckling or gapping that comes from heat and humidity changes. Leave a one fourth to half inch gap between the flooring and the wall, all the way around the room.

This gives the laminate flooring room to contract and expand without damage. After you have your moisture barrier and underlayment down, you are ready to begin the installation process. Installation is simply a matter of inserting tongue edge into the groove edge of the planks, clicking and locking the planks together. Stagger the joints to keep the strength of the floor at a high level, and the visual interest high. A saw can be used to cut the planks to fit very easily, which makes it ideal for do it yourself installation. An entire room of laminate flooring can be easily installed in very little time.


Final stride


Now you are ready to finish the flooring project by installing quarter round or baseboards to make the room complete and beautiful, and to hide any ragged edges that may have occurred from imprecise sawing or uneven walls. You only need to remember to not nail the trim directly into the flooring planks, as this will not allow the floors to expand and contract as they are designed to do.




If you go through various options of flooring properly most of you will go for inexpensive laminate flooring because undoubtedly it is one of the best choices among all. It is budget friendly yet last for a very long time. So it is obvious that over the years the demand and usage of this type of flooring has increased rapidly. By learning how to install laminate flooring, you can help add value and beauty to your home. This flooring can make a big difference in the entire look and feel of your home that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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