All you need to know about cleaning kitchen floors

Why cleaning kitchen floor is important?


Cleaning kitchen flooring is important because they collect more dirt than other floors in your house. Your flooring options effect the chore of cleaning kitchen floors because there may be special requirements for how to proceed. Cleaning vinyl kitchen flooring may have different requirements than cleaning ceramic tile kitchen flooring or cleaning laminate kitchen flooring. And if you opt to wax your kitchen floors, you will need to get manufacturer recommended stuff to strip and clean your kitchen flooring periodically so you don’t get a yellow build-up.


Cleaning kitchen flooring is not something that most homeowners want to have to spend a lot of time and energy on. With the easy care flooring options that are available now, it is possible to have beautiful kitchen floors with very little time and effort. They key is to choose flooring that is stain resistant and easy to maintain and clean. Then you will have time to spend on other things more important than cleaning. This is one reason why house owners widely prefer flooring options which do not get dirty easily and even if it does, can be kept clean and shining without much hassle.

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Cleaning hardwood kitchen flooring has been considered difficult because of the water getting absorbed in the wood. However, there are many sealants available in the market today which saves you any such trouble. It is the same case for any flooring option out there. Industry specialists have made sure that they have come up with some innovative solutions to every cleaning problem.


Kitchen floors may be the dirtiest floors in your house. Not only do you track dirt and grime in from outdoors, but also the grease and steam from cooking as well as spills combine to make one dirty surface. Cleaning kitchen floors frequently is important to get that mess off the flooring to preserve its beauty.


There are lots of cleaners on the market today. Some are harsh and harm you and the floor you are trying to protect, even though they make the floor look clean. Others are gentle yet clean beautifully. Those are the cleaners you should be looking to use. You should do a bit of research before you decide on the kitchen flooring cleaner that you want to use. It is better to go online and search for the recommended cleaners that will go with the specific kitchen floor you have.


Vinyl kitchen flooring is probably one of the easiest floors to clean. For regular, everyday cleaning you can sweep and then mop with a mild detergent or liquid floor cleaner. Regular cleaning should be done at least once a week to help remove dirt and debris, and to keep your vinyl flooring free from grime buildup. Most flooring manufacturers sell a kit with a regular cleaner and stuff to strip and clean kitchen flooring, which needs to be done one to two times a year to remove buildup and to keep your floors looking bright and shiny. When you learn more about cleaning vinyl kitchen flooring, then your floor can stay beautiful for years.


Ceramic tile flooring is another popular choice for kitchen floors. Keeping your ceramic tile kitchen flooring clean is not difficult or time consuming if you do regular cleaning. Adding mats to the entrances of the kitchen can help to cut down on dirt and grime that’s tracked into the kitchen and can cut your clean time considerably as well. Dust mopping or vacuuming regularly and cleaning with a mild floor cleaner for ceramic tile floors should be done at least one time a week to keep your floors clean. Be sure to rinse well to keep your floors from becoming dull. With just a little effort, you can keep your ceramic tile flooring as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Laminate flooring is also a kitchen flooring choice that is easy to clean. Laminate flooring comes in many different designs, colors, and stains to mimic the look of stone and hardwoods. Cleaning laminate kitchen flooring is easy to do. Regular cleaning includes sweeping, vacuuming, and dust mopping. Damp mopping can be done with many different cleaners, just make sure that laminate floors are listed on the bottle. Using regular soap can cause the laminate flooring to look dull so you will want to use a cleaner made for your laminate floor. With regular cleaning, you will have floors that will last for years. Avoid using lots of water for cleaning laminate flooring to avoid possible damage.


With proper research, you can choose a kitchen floor that looks great and that will be easy to take care of and maintain. Then cleaning your kitchen floors will not be a time consuming or difficult thing anymore. With regular sweeping and cleaning, you will have floors that will stand up to your family’s wear and tear and the test of time. Make sure you conduct a thorough research before you decide on the type of flooring you want for your kitchen. You need to consider all these various things before you arrive at a conclusion. This will make maintaining a clean kitchen floor really easy in the long run.

14 thoughts on “All you need to know about cleaning kitchen floors”

  1. It’s time to strip & wax my floor again, I do this twice a year. I’ve always used Future floor wax (2 coats) and I strip it first with Spic ‘n’ Span or PineSol. I’d like to try something different for finishing that will give my floor a nice sheen – either glossy or satiny, doesn’t matter. Two coats of Future doesn’t ever seem to be enough and I don’t usually have time to do more – in other words, there usually isn’t much to strip! I literally scrub it with a scrub brush a section at a time, rinsing too as I go. I do this because the linoleum is made to look like a wood plank floor, complete with graining impressed into it (which of course, holds dirt!!) Lots of work, but my kitchen is rather small, so it’s not really that big of a deal.
    I’d like to use something that will give it a rather thick coat to minimize that faux grain so it can’t hold all that dirt!
    One more note: I live in the country, so lots of dirt is tracked in on a daily basis, if it rains then it’s mud tracked in – even though I have a rug at the doorway. *sigh*

  2. Hi Lisa!
    The first question I have for you is whether your flooring is linoleum or vinyl. If your flooring is vinyl wax isn’t recommended, but rather a sealant. If your flooring is linoleum manufacturers typically recommend polish or wax. And don’t strip your floor more than once a year to preserve its beauty.
    Armstrong of course makes floor maintenance products for both vinyl and linoleum. But consider also buying floor polish from a janitorial supply store to get a great finish that will last a long time.
    Here’s some quick maintenance tips:
    * Three thin coats versus one or two thick coats of polish for new floors and one or two coats for older floors; be sure to let the polish dry thoroughly (30 minutes) between coats and an hour after the final coat.
    * Liquid acrylic floor polish can be polished to any luster or sheen you want.
    * Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products because it’s hard on linoleum.
    * Clean up the water, dirt and mud as quickly as you can after they are tracked in by the dogs and kids (kids of any age, if you get my drift).
    * Clean linoleum with warm water, and avoid dish soap because the residue is sticky (attracts dirt) and won’t rinse off easily.
    * Don’t machine wash the rags you use to apply wax because the wax will adhere to the washer and dryer, effecting future loads of clothes.

  3. hi!
    We have waxed wood floors in the kitchen our new home, and I used Orange Glo Hardwood Floor 2 in 1 Clean and Shine on it 2 days ago, and that was a big no no I assume ?!! The floor looks awful, and I just read the bottle and it says not to use it on waxed wood floors!
    Help! How do I remove it? Thanks!

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    I’ve read this process works for removing Orange Glo: Use Windex to remove the waxy residue. First, clean your floor in SMALL sections. This is very important because you want to evenly remove the wax. Second, use fresh unused paper towels with each new SMALL section. You are removing wax which will transfer onto your paper towel. Do not take shortcuts (i.e. use dish towel) or be cheap (re-use paper towels) as this will cause you more grief later. Will this remove all of the Orange Glo wax? Your guess is as good as mine………
    From what I gather, it’s a real pain to remove Quick Shine. You can either throw some elbow-grease into the floor and mop with really hot water at least 4 times over the area you want to come up, OR you can dry buff the floor. Either one of those work (dry-buffing will work faster). Really, I wouldn’t recommend the hot water on wood floors, just a bad idea. Other than that, you may actually need to sand the floor to get rid of it, and then use some good products for sealing your floor. I would recommend Diamond Coat Varathane Polyurethane – I’ve always gotten great results with their products.
    Now…….what to do for YOUR floor now that we’ve found something that removes both of the products…. I’m not wild about Windex in general, though they do have an environmentally friendly line out now, uses vinegar. It may work to use a simple solution of vinegar/water – I recommend a 1:15 ratio for cleaning floors, this may require using a bit less water since you want to get this gunk off your floor. I would use a fine abrasive pad, I’d really be afraid to use anything very rough just in case you do get through the layers of this stuff and wind up abrading the wood to where you really have refinish it. Try it in a small and hopefully out-of-view area – even I don’t know if this will really work. I’d also recommend using your favorite search engine (mine’s Google) and doing further research to help draw your own conclusions – you might find something even more helpful & practical than what I’ve found.

  5. 1.I have light oak pergoe laminate flooring in my living and dining room area. Is there a way to make it shine? All products used make my floors look dull.
    2.Is there a way to redo my old fiberglass shower floor with riverrock or pieces of tile(break them up and do a mosaic?
    Thanks so much for your help. I don’t have much money but I like a nice, neat, clean house.

  6. Hi Beverly,
    What products have you used on your Pergo? I’m going to guess that it will need to be stripped and then you’ll need to apply a good finish – something along the lines of Diamond Coat Varathane Polyurethane should be an acceptable choice. You should call them to make 100% sure.
    You might be able to do that if you set them in an epoxy base. By riverrock, I presume you mean those small round pretty pebbles? There are actually products such as this made with an epoxy base – very durable. I would suggest that you do a google search for such a product and ask if this can be done over fiberglass.

  7. How do we get the grease off of a rubber restaurant kitchen floor? The floor was there when we bought the place and the rubber keeps getting worse as we clean it. Thanks

  8. Hi Gayle,
    What are you cleaning it with? There are cleaners that are specially formulated for rubber rubbing – many other cleaners will harm the rubber. What do you mean by ‘the rubber keeps getting worse’? Is the rubber degrading more or is the grease getting worse?
    Enviro-One It’s been good for
    cleaning in general and for removing stains (don’t know if that’s a problem for you as well).

  9. what do i sue to take up a yellow strip on my linoleum kitchen floor. this yellowing looks terrible. someone told me it was from a rubber backed mat i had down, don’t think so though. thks klewiws

  10. Kathy,
    I would first trying baking soda, vinegar: water mix of 1:15, and and if that doesn’t work you could try StainSolver to remove the yellow strip.
    However, the rubber backed mat is probably what created the yellowing. I would recommend to discontinue using rubber backed mats to prevent it from coming back.

  11. Re the answer to Kathy re yellowing on floor – is that 1 part baking soda, 1 part vinegar to 15 parts water? Just want to clarify. Thanks.

  12. We recently purchased a rental that has linoleum kitchen flooring. It’s very dirty, but is probably in pretty good shape if we could ever get it clean. What do you recommend as the best/most efficient cleaner? TX! Peri


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