Heated Kitchen Floors

Do you like your feet getting cold? There are many people who like and adore the sight of tile and wood in the kitchen area. However, they will despise the idea of walking on it sans shoes during the winter seasons. Naturally, most of us don’t like to get our feet cold.


Especially, our concern increases when we see small children crawling and playing on them. In such cases you would be thinking of various alternatives and looking to change the wooden tiles. Some may even drop the idea of furnishing their flooring with wooden tile. But that is the thing of the past.

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You can enjoy and be free from all kinds of anxieties with regard to wooden flooring, as nowadays you can choose the heated kitchen floors. They have got heating elements placed under them, which provides the require warmth that you need.


Kinds of Heating Elements


The following are some of the heating elements at your disposal for the best heated kitchen floors –


  • Warming Mat


Placing a warming mat under the flooring is one of the best ways to keep your floors warm. Here, the heating mat is wired to a thermostat. This thermostat helps in keeping the floors at optimal temperature. The best thing about this floor heating system is you can place it on the underlayment pad and then put the flooring right directly above it.


The basic fact that the floor heating system is placed on top of the subfloor keeps it quite energy efficient. Plus, it helps in keeping the room warmer, thereby helping you to save a lot of money on the utility bills.  Another major advantage of using the warming mat and being on your planned budget is the easy installation. It is quite easy to install the warming mat as you don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge.


Furthermore, there are other innumerable benefits like silent operation and providing great amount of warmth for your flooring. So, if you are using radiant heating all around your home, then you do have the major benefit of destroying the allergens.


  • Floor Heating Cables


Do you know that radiant floor heating cables are one of the best options for heating the kitchen floors?  These radiant heat cables are simply installed directly under the flooring, so that you can get maximum warmth.


The heating system can be programmed to provide heat even before you wake up in the morning or it gives the required heat as soon as the flooring reaches to the required (certain) temperature so that you can stay and experience constant warmth. Unlike warming mats, the heating cables are a bit difficult to install, however, they are best for home construction or to warm a huge area.


Here the warm cables are placed in a pattern so that the floor is warm and then the heated kitchen floor that is selected by you is placed on top of the cables.


  • Hydronic Radiant Heating


There is another option which you can use to get heated kitchen floor. That is the hydronic radiant heating. Yes! The hydronic radiant heating is becoming the common heating option for your kitchen floor. The hydronic radiant heating is when a system of pipes (which could either be metal or plastic) is run through the floor. And hot water is passed through them which help in warming the floor.


Here the pump would reheat and recycle the water so that the floor becomes inviting and warm. Basically, there are various kinds of methods for installing hydronic heating; however, one of the most common methods is to encase it directly to the concrete subfloor.  Here the concrete is heated and this in turns heats the floor that you select.


Besides these methods, there is another installation approach which is tubing. Here the heated liquid is carried back and forth just below the subfloor which gets heated and this in turn heats the flooring.




Selecting the right heating system that works fine for you will take some time to research. Make sure to research your options and get the estimates for each of the system so that it can help you in making up your mind. A good and proper research online will provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of heated kitchen floor. No offense, heated kitchen floor is good if you are planning to consider a wooden floor or any one of the natural tile flooring choices.


However, you need to check with the flooring installer about what might be the appropriate flooring for the heating system. The tips and information provided by experts must be kept in mind while selecting the best and budget-friendly heated kitchen floors.

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