Wood Flooring

wood flooring
Wood floors aren’t just for gyms and dance floors, they also are for your home. Hardwood floors last longer than softwood floors, and hard wood flooring is versatile and durable. Cleaning your wood floors reduces the frequency of refinishing them. Look into installing wood floors for your home.

Wood is not just for burning in your stove. Using wood as flooring throughout your home can add warmth and value too.

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Walnut Flooring

nice walnut flooring
What does a walnut floor look like? Dark, with darker veins and swirls. A walnut hardwood floor is not as hard as oak, so not as durable. Time to say goodbye to the shiny and classy floors that have become too common and hence fail to make a statement.  If you are going to invest money in gifting your house a unique flooring that is sure to turn a lot of heads, don’t think any further than Walnut. This is the reason why Walnut flooring is making a comeback since the last few years.


Did you know that hardwood flooring comes in walnut? From a formal home to a contemporary home, walnut hardwood flooring can make your home stand out best from the rest! Walnut flooring is more of a dark wood, but it comes in different grades of darkness so that you can find the perfect look for your home. Walnut flooring is sure to add that perfect amount of coziness to any room in your home. A lot of people feel that the irresistible dark tan of walnut can complement their personality like no other flooring possibly can. Some go to the extent of renovating their whole home flooring with walnut and make a sharp style statement.


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Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

prefinished hardwood flooring
Prefinished (also spelled pre-finished) hardwood flooring takes the muss and fuss out of installing hardwood floors. Depending on your situation, this can be your best option when choosing wood flooring. When choosing prefinished wood flooring, go with a solid or engineered hardwood floor and have a beautiful floor in as short a time as it takes to lay the boards.

Take the hassle and mundane work out of finishing your hardwood flooring with prefinshed hardwood flooring. What is prefinished hardwood flooring? As the name suggests prefinished hardwood flooring is hardwood flooring that has been finished in a factory before being sold to retail outlets.

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Cracking Pecan Flooring

Pecan hardwood flooring will last a long time. Consider your options, ranging from a rustic pecan to pecan parquet floor. It’s softer than some of the hardwoods, but it’s beautiful.

There are a lot of people out there who want to get the best out of everything. The main things they look for in things they buy are quality, durability and affordability. If these are primary concerns while choosing the flooring for your home, look no further than Pecan flooring. Consider your options, ranging from a rustic pecan to pecan parquet floor. It’s softer than some of the hardwoods, but it’s beautiful.

If you’d like to learn more about hardwood flooring then be sure to check out our article which reviews and compares the best products of the year!

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Parquet Flooring

parquet flooring
For a floor that’s a work of art, consider parquet flooring. Wood parquet flooring has been used for centuries in finer homes around the world, and can be in your home today. One concern you may have is how to repair parquet flooring after you’ve had it awhile. That’s manageable so shouldn’t stop you from installing this beautiful floor.


Parquet flooring is wood flooring that has an inlaid pattern in it. This type of flooring is quite extraordinary in that it is often found in older homes in which the inlay work was done by hand. This type of wood flooring allows for detail and intricacy. It’s one of the most difficult flooring type for someone without the skill and training to undertake. Nonetheless, it is an amazing beautiful piece of art when it’s finished and adds value and an unparalleled beauty to any home or business.


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Oak Flooring

oak flooring
Oak flooring, unfinished or prefinished, will enhance your home’s look and value. Pre-finished oak flooring makes flooring installation fast and easy, but antique wood flooring adds character than you can’t get from “new” oak wood flooring products on the market today. Whether you choose red oak flooring or white oak flooring, your oak hardwood flooring decision can’t go wrong.

Once a mighty tree, now a mighty floor. That’s right, oak is one of the best and a common hardwood used in flooring. There are two types of oak hardwood; red oak (quercus ruba) and white oak (quercus alba).

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Mesquite Flooring

smooth mesquite flooring
Mesquite flooring is an unusual hardwood that may become more popular because of its distinct color and grain patterns. Mesquite is beautiful not only as flooring, but also as paneling. You can enjoy your mesquite wood floor in any room of your house.


This is one reason why most people are considering using mesquite flooring during their house renovation. This type of hardwood flooring can easily fit it into any room and the best part is that it does not change the overall appearance of your house.

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Installing Hardwood Flooring

installing hardwood flooring
Learning how to install hardwood flooring is important for a long-lasting floor that won’t cause you problems. Your big question right now probably is who is handling installing hardwood flooring in your home or office. Are you installing wood flooring on top of concrete or vinyl flooring, adjacent to carpet, or directly to a plywood or OSB sub-floor? Will you get fancy by installing herringbone hardwood flooring, or stay simple and go in conventional straight lines?


Installing hardwood flooring can be a cinch, or it can be a nightmare, depending on the sub-floor you are working with and the pattern you want to create. Do you do it yourself or hire it done?

Don’t miss our hardwood flooring article.  You’ll find one of the best selections of hardwood floors available!

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Finishing Hardwood Floors

finishing hardwood floors
Finishing hardwood floors can be confusing because there are so many products and styles to choose from. There aren’t too many holistic wood floor finishes yet, but there are non-toxic wood floor finish products that are better for the environment than others. Finishing wood floors needs care taken for the best results. Wax wood finishes were the approach used originally as a way of protecting wood, but now you can choose between wood floor stain finishes that penetrate and water and oil based wood floor finishes.

You’ve decided to install hardwood flooring in your home which you know, will add warmth and elegance, as well as increase your home’s value. The next decision you have to make is whether you are leaving the wood unfinished or to put a finishing and protecting seal on it.

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