Grey Laminate Wood Flooring

You might think that grey is a boring color to put on your floor. It's neutral and can actually ruin the effect of the home décor if used carelessly. Actually, grey can be pretty versatile if used appropriately.

Grey laminate wood flooring can be made to look like a rustic antique wood floor that's still in the best condition except the original color has worn off. It can also be made to look like a stone floor that has aged well and still creates the illusion of cool stone under your feet. Because laminate does make use of a printed image, it can be pretty versatile and the grey can be matched with other colors to create the look you want.

Some Common Questions About Grey Laminate Wood Flooring

What should I look for in grey wood laminate?

The first thing to look for is something that'll work well with the effect you want for your room. Many people buy grey laminate flooring for the rustic look, but you might be able to find more modern-looking option that you like if you're willing to dig a little bit. Remember that it's always okay to walk away if you aren't seeing something that you like.

As importantly, though, you should look for quality laminate. Most laminate that is actually worth buying will have passed an inspection by the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA), so be sure to look for the NALFA Certified seal. If the store has samples of the laminate you're considering, ask a salesperson to help you determine how easy it will be to install. Quality laminate should snap together without prying and with no noticeable seams. If you intend to install it in a high traffic area or have kids or large pets, look for laminate that is more resistant to getting scratched and dented.

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Can I get that in a different shade?

This is actually a pretty common one. As you might have heard by now, there are a lot of shades of grey and home improvement stores don't always have their entire selections out on the floor due to a limited floor space. So if you see something you like but might prefer it in a different shade of grey to go better in the space you want to put it in, it never hurts to ask because the seller might actually be able to order something for you.

How does grey laminate wood flooring compare to alternatives like engineered wood or natural hardwood?

The chief difference is that laminate makes use of a printed image rather than a piece of wood to get its final appearance when it's installed. That basically means that you can get the look of a rustic antique floor that's still in good shape without having to wait years for pieces of natural wood to age.

Will laminate protect the value of my home?

The simple answer is that laminate usually doesn't do as good of a job of protecting the value of a home unless you find a buyer that likes the rustic look of grey laminate wood flooring that comes without the risks associated with a hardwood floor that may have been in place for several decades. If you are looking at grey laminate flooring for the rustic charm, you probably intend to stay in your home for quite a while, so your priority here should be finding a flooring option that looks good with the rustic look you're probably aiming for.

Are there any downsides to grey laminate flooring?

Not very many, except you should remember that it is a printed image and you should take care to not damage it. It's impossible to sand or refinish any scratches and dents out of a printed image like you can with a piece of wood, so if you expect to move furniture around a lot or otherwise engage in activities that might scratch or dent the floor, you might be better off going with a hardwood that has a high Janka rating.

We normally recommend grey laminate wood flooring for people who don't intend to sell their home anytime soon and are redoing a room to go with a more rustic look. It gives all the charm of an antique floor without taking the risks that come with recycled wood, such as degraded materials or the possibility of hidden pests that might cause trouble later on. Grey laminate flooring gives you a wide variety of options that can provide an attractive appearance in your redesigned room for as long as you own your home if you take care to prevent damage to the laminate.

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