Faux Stone Flooring

Faux stone floors can give you the ski lodge look without the ski lodge cost. Faux stone flooring can let you get the look you want in situations you might not be able to get it otherwise, say because the subfloor isn’t strong enough. Faux stone vinyl flooring, or stone vinyl flooring, is one easy way to accomplish the look easily. This resilient flooring can look like granite, marble, slate or even sandstone flooring. Have fun and go for it!


Faux stone flooring is an excellent selection because it allows for you to beautify your home or office with a stone look without the high costs of natural stone flooring. Just because one cannot afford it doesn’t mean he should not be able to get that stunning look of natural stone for his flooring. Faux stone flooring is for everyone out there who has dreamt for that incredible flooring, but has been putting it off for lack of funds. This is a low-cost yet highly satisfying method to gift you beautiful flooring.


There are several types of faux stone flooring, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the look, the texture and the overall quality of the flooring that you want, you can choose from a wide range of faux stone flooring products.


Faux Stone Vinyl Flooring


One of your options is fax stone vinyl flooring also known as resilient flooring. In this type of product you will find the look of stone. There tends to be several types of stone that is imitated including granite, marble, slate and sandstone. What you will see though is that you have many more options in colors to choose from. In natural products, you are limited by what is naturally made or what is stained. In this case, there are patterns, colors and designs as imaginative as you are.


Faux stone vinyl flooring can be purchased in tiles or in sheets. They can be laid as you would tile flooring with adhesive and none of the cement work or they can be simply rolled out and glued down. In most cases, you will be able to do the flooring on your own if you have the basic understanding of how flooring works. However, if you are not able to do it for some reason, you can always seek the help of a professional.


The good thing about this type of flooring is that they are much less expensive than tile. The only drawback is you way get some lesser quality vinyl that will be too shiny or will obviously look fake. Quality products can help to lower the fake look to make it much more natural.


Stone Vinyl Flooring Installation


When it comes to installing stone vinyl flooring, most handy do it yourselfers can handle the task themselves. Much until the natural product, vinyl is much more forgiving of mistakes. And, even if you do really mess up, it is much less expensive of a product to throw away. Today’s vinyl products are simpler to use than those from ten or twenty years ago. This makes it possible to make laying faux stone flooring a weekend job. Due to its low cost and ease of handling, people experiment with various designs and patterns before settling on one. If you don’t want to do that, you can always study the various designs available and decide the one you want for your home.


In a typical installment, plywood underlayment should be installed. First, secure a sheet of luan (a style of plywood) to the floor boards. Then attach the plywood underlayment to the floor, after which it is time to begin laying the vinyl; a trick is to use a piece of pattern paper. Trace out the section to install onto the paper, roll it up and lay it on top of the vinyl. This makes for a perfect fit every time. You will simply cut the vinyl flooring in the same pattern as the pattern paper. Using the correct adhesive, apply it to the sub floor, lay the stone vinyl flooring on top and secure it in place. You will then need to use a 100 pound roller to secure it into place.


Faux stone flooring can be purchased in a number of different styles. The materials used are offered in different qualities as well. Ensure that you purchase a high quality product for a realistic look. You can buy high quality ones from trusted dealers and suppliers. You can use the yellow pages or even the internet to get a list of suppliers in your area. Try to get in touch with multiple dealers and get a quote from each so that you will get the best price. When it comes to installation, the task can be quite simple when you use online tutorials to help you.

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