Engineered wooden flooring – Ideal Choice for Your Home

Installing engineered wooden flooring can be a great choice because it’s more durable than solid wood, allowing it to be used in more places — like basements. Environmentally it’s a great solution because it’s made of scraps of wood, saving solid pieces for the top layer. This conservation of resources lets forests create more products. Engineered wooden floors look great, wear well and cost a bit less than traditional solid wood floors.


What is engineered wood?


Engineered wood is a great alternative to solid hardwood, where solid hardwood is cut from a single tree, whereas engineered hardwood is all about wood that is fused together under heat from several wood piles. It is made using many layers of wood, where the top layer consists of solid wood, with cross layers of plywood pressed hard to form a strong middle layer and a bottom layer of hardwood to complete the strong and stable hardwood wooden pieces.

Add that special touch to your home


Wood flooring has long been a popular flooring. Originally it was a readily available material, contributing to its popularity, but its warmth and beauty made it a natural (if you’ll excuse the pun) choice too. Its benefits are unmatched by other types of flooring, leading many homeowners to choose. You can now have the look of wood without as many of the problems associated with wood flooring. Engineered wooden floors is that alternative.


Ideal Choice for all Rooms


The first reason you may want to consider engineered wood for flooring is that it can be used in almost any room of your home, including the basement. Basements are known for being moist, and selecting engineered wooden flooring can withstand this moisture without rippling or buckling. Engineered flooring is made in layers and these layers are able to expand and contract without damage being made to the floors. You still need to use a moisture barrier, but these floors will withstand any remaining moisture and come through looking beautiful for many years to come.


Extremely Durable


Another reason that you may want to consider installing engineered wooden flooring is that they are extremely durable. They can last through toys or pots and pans being dropped on it, lots of feet walking on it, and pets running across it. They are easy to take care of, too, with just a simple, regular use of a dust mop. Regular care allows your flooring to last you through many years of wear and tear, which will save you time and money when you don’t have to replace it as often.


Range of Colors


Engineered wood comes in a variety of different wood choices and different stain choices from light to dark. This will help you to find the exact flooring look that you want and desire for your room. From oak to pine to beech to more exotic woods, you are sure to find wood flooring that will look great in your home and that helps to make your home feel more welcoming and inviting.




Installing engineered wooden flooringis being done by most of the homeowners. Most of the time, the flooring is laid down as a floating floor, meaning it isn’t glued or nailed down. The wood planks are simply clicked together to create a solid floor. This is a simple process that will only take minimal cutting and trimming to make the flooring fit in your room. Most homeowners can handle installing engineered wood on their own, which will save you money from installation.


Buy Unfinished


The biggest question you may have to answer about your installation is whether you’ll buy pre-finished flooring planks or finish it in place. The first engineered wooden floorsI bought had a great finish, though we still took great care with the furniture on it to prevent scratches, and it’s worn well through the years. The more recent flooring I had installed doesn’t seem to have as fragile a surface (because it has a thick top layer, compared to the thin decorative layer of the first flooring I mentioned) but it does seem to dent readily. I’ll go for a finish-in-place floor next time.


Engineered Hardwood for Basements


With three layers of strong hardwood, they are extremely strong and hence won’t expand or contract under varying temperatures and humidity. So they are ideal for areas where humidity is large like bathrooms, kitchen and basements and hence they provide a greater longevity of engineered wooden flooring.


Installing EngineeredWood Flooring


Installing engineered wooden flooring is pretty easy as you have many options when it comes to installation. You can either nail down the planks to the floor or just glue them onto the floors according to your requirements. Another way of installation is the process of “floating” floors, where the wooden boards are not attached to the floor and seems like floating in the air.




Engineered wood flooring can update any room to make it warmer and more inviting. If you have been looking for a flooring option that will last and that will make your home more beautiful, then you do not need to look any further than selecting engineered wooden flooring. It will give you all of the warmth and beauty that you want and desire.


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  1. Can anyone please tell me where I can find engineered flooring that has a white wash finish.
    I have seen a floor like this in Brown and Thomas department store,Dublin City, Ireland. We were told the floor came from Canada. Thanking all of you out there.

  2. Leonardo,
    I did a quick google search and came up with several dealers online servicing different locations globally. If you have the time to do a quick search you might find the company you are looking for!Without a name it is hard to pinpoint the exact dealer you are looking for!


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