Cork Tiles — Kitchen Flooring

Cork tiles — kitchen flooring — will give you comfort, durability and beauty in one great floor. Be careful who you buy your cork flooring tiles from, and seriously consider buying unfinished cork so you can seal it in place to improve its durability.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and finding the right flooring for it is a very important decision. You need the flooring to be comfortable, durable, and beautiful to keep your kitchen one of the most comfortable and used rooms in your home. With cork tiles, your kitchen floor takes on a whole new meaning and will be the best looking kitchen on the block! You can have flooring that will add warmth and comfort to your kitchen without being too fussy and hard to maintain, and is a dream to walk and stand on.

Cork tiles for kitchen flooring can add a beautiful sense of character and style to your kitchen. These tiles can be found in a wide variety of colors from all different hues of brown to colors like red, yellow, blue, and more. This variety will allow you to create a look that you love, from checkerboard to a border to one color of floor. You will be happy with the design flexibility that all of the many colors can give you.
Cork flooring tiles also come in two sizes and styles, too. You can select 12″ squares or 1’x3′ panels to create different looks. And you can buy them in pure cork or engineered floating cork tiles. I personally like the pure cork best.
One of the greatest things about cork tiles for kitchen flooring is that they can give your room wonderful texture and beauty. The character that is part of these cork tiles can naturally give your floors and room interest and style. Cork really captures people’s attention and interest.
Cork flooring is a durable option for your kitchen it will withstand the abuse that your family dishes out. Due to the cellular makeup of cork, it’s naturally resilient and durable. Impact and friction won’t damage cork tiles kitchen flooring like it will other types of flooring, especially if you buy unfinished cork and seal it in place with a water-based polyurethane coating.
If insects and germs are a concern, you will be happy to learn that cork is naturally resistant to these things, again making cork tiles an excellent choice for kitchen flooring. They are hypoallergenic which makes them ideal for homes of allergy sufferers and people with sensitivities.
Cork tile flooring is also naturally moisture resistant. Cork includes suberin, a waxy substance, that helps to give cork a natural resistance to water damage. It will not rot and will not be damaged by liquid or gases. This is a very good benefit for kitchens, as they are rooms where water and other liquids are frequently spilled.
The one way moisture can be a problem is if it gets under the decorative laminate top; the laminate will warp like wet paper does. To help reduce the chances of that caulk around the edges of the floor after you have sealed the floor.
Cork tiles have many great benefits that make them ideal for rooms like the kitchen. Cork tiles as your kitchen flooring will be comfortable and beautiful, and will give your kitchen and home a look you will love. I loved mine.

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