Importance of carpet pad recycling?

Recycling has come a long way in the last few decades and it has infiltrated everywhere as it is environment friendly and cost effective. Recycling has also head butted its way to the carpeting industry. Carpet pad recycling has helped to make even getting rid of your carpet pad safer for the environment by keeping it out of the local landfill. It is estimated that approximately 125 million tons of carpet padding is thrown away each and every year, just in residential areas. This large amount of waste can be recycled into other products to help keep them out of the landfill. Unfortunately carpet pad recycling is not as widespread as you may think, or would like. Most people don’t think much about recycling carpet pad, simply because it is not widely discussed. There are also people who have no knowledge of recycling carpet pads and their benefits.


How it can be recast?


Foam carpet padding can be rebounded and recast to be reused as carpet padding, but most padding isn’t reusable, because it absorbs dirt, germs and odors. Some types of carpet padding will break down after several years of use, but not in a landfill. Due to the dirt, smell, and condition of used carpet padding, the recycled padding itself is used for other purposes, when it does get recycled. Recycled carpet padding can be used for many different products, including mixed fiber products like geotextiles, lumber alternatives, carpet tack strips, fiberboard, under-the-hood auto parts, and sod reinforcement.

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Some fibers from carpet padding are also used to create new carpeting. All of these alternatives are much healthier for the environment and it can make you feel better about getting rid of that old, nasty carpet padding. Since, now you have an insight into where and how your old carpet may be used once you get rid of it, let’s take a look at the benefits in store for you.


Benefits of recycling?


The benefits of recycling are immense and some of them are as follows


  • Resources are conserved by making use of steel, materials and other foam for use in other products


  • There is a reduction in the number of illegally dumped mattresses


  • Is known to create recycled jobs


  • Reduces the burden on landfills by diverting mattress from the waste stream


Are you aware of the fact, that in a carpet that is meant to be recycled, nearly 80 % of the products can be recycled? This can be wood, fibers and metal springs. These are then converted into useful products. Say for example, the steel springs are recycled as metal scrap which can be further melted and converted into new appliances. In fact they can be modeled into building materials and other form of steel products. The cotton extracted from it can be used for textile applications and other industrial oil filters. The wood on the other hand can be used to make mulch. In fact the wood used for it is shredded or chipped.


How to find one?


To find a carpet pad recycling center, you need to ask at your local carpeting or home improvement store or look online. Many times your local carpeting store will take the padding and sell it to the carpet padding recycling center. If you can find your own recycling center, you can take that money yourself, though you’ll have to do your own hauling.


You can easily find a recycling center if you ask your friends, neighbors or search on the internet to find the nearest recycling center. Most people don’t realize that recycled carpet pad has value so don’t even think to check about recycling it. By making contact with the right person, you can receive that value instead of throwing it away as a piece of garbage. You can purchase carpet padding that is made from recycled products as well.


This can be an environment friendly way to add cushioning and stability to your new carpet and you do not have to worry about many of the health concerns that are found in other types of carpet padding. By using healthier, more environment friendly products, you can keep yourself and your family healthier and impact the earth less. Carpet pad recycling and recycled carpet padding can help to make your carpet removal and installation healthier for you, your family, and the environment. Whether you are recycling your old carpet padding or putting in new carpet padding, you will make your home and life “greener” with carpet pad recycling.


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  1. I am in Lake City Florida and cannot find a recycling center is there anyway you can help i would appreciate it thanks.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I’m not familiar with your area, perhaps you could as your local Chamber of Commerce on get in touch with the some sort of local government type official? Florida is wonderfully ‘green’, I’m sure somebody has the information you seek. You might even want to give your garbage collection company a call – often they know about these things. Have you looked in your local yellow pages under Recycling?


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