Can You Go Beyond Berber Flooring?

You may not want to look beyond Berber flooring because it offers so much. Berber carpeting wears well, hides dirt and tracking caused by foot traffic and vacuums, and creates a distinct feel to your room.

The different colors of Berber carpeting are subtle and part of its distinctive look. The styles and colors of Berber carpet are unique and may be just the look for your home or office.

How many different kinds of carpeting can you name? Chances are that you hear the most about Berber carpet. Berber carpeting is one of the most popular choices in carpeting. The reasons are numerous, but the most common reasons that people are installing wool Berber carpet is that it is non-allergenic, non-toxic, won’t support bacterial growth, is easy to clean, durable and soft to the touch.

What is Berber carpet? Berber carpeting is named after a type of handmade, highly textured wool carpeting that is made by the Berber tribe in Northern Africa. This beautiful carpet is best known for its loops of flecked yarn that gives this carpeting a unique look and feel all its own.

The Berber carpet colors range from an off-white heathered look too pastel and darker colors. The best multi-leveled loop patterns that are available can give the carpet different looks that range from more formal to casual. Today it describes any broadloom carpeting that has the off-white flecked yarns.

This is why it is used so often in new homes.
Berber carpet is made from many different fibers. How do you choose the best fiber for Berber carpet for your home? There are many different theories on this. Many experts swear by the nylon and wool blends of Berber carpeting, while still others like the PET and olefin fibers of Berber. Learn more about Berber carpeting so that you will make the choice that is right for your budget, your family’s use, and your home.

Berber carpet care has never been easier. Your first option is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. If your Berber carpets have not been cleaned in a while, or if they have really bad stains, then this may be the best way to for you to clean your Berber carpets. If your carpets just need a regular cleaning, however, you can take care of them yourself with a few easy tools. You can rent or purchase a steam carpet cleaner at the local store and clean them yourself. This can save you a little money if you feel comfortable cleaning the Berber carpets yourself.

Berber carpeting is a great choice for those high traffic areas. It can stand up to years of wear and tear. There are several different styles of Berber carpet, revolving around the loops of the carpet. Berber carpeting loops come in many different heights and thicknesses. Sometimes the different heights are arranged in patterns, like basket weave and herringbone, giving the carpeting a more interesting look and feel. The design and color patterns help hide soil and tracking. Research your Berber carpeting options to find the one that has the right look for your room and home. The biggest negative around Berber is that snagging a loop can damage the carpet.

Whether you are installing wall to wall Berber carpeting rolls or Berber carpet tiles (or squares) in smaller areas, you are sure to find the color and style that meets the needs and desires for your room. Berber is a great choice for almost any room in your home, even the high traffic areas, as it is easy to clean and take care of. If you are looking for a carpeting option that is easy to maintain and keep clean, then Berber carpets are right for you!

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