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Black Diamond has created a very versatile cleaning product that can be used for a variety of floors. It’s simple to use, and provides very satisfactory results in numerous settings.

Advantages of Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

This cleaner has several features and benefits that makes it one of the better options for quick and easy floor cleaning all throughout your home.


This cleaner is just as effective for finished hardwood floors as it is for laminate floors, meaning you don’t have to purchase separate cleaners if your home has both. The formula is powerful while still being gentle, and is very easy to use whether you are cleaning up larger messes and spills, or just dirt and dust build-up.

Cleaning Solution from Black Diamond


There is no need to rinse the floor after applying the cleaner. Simply spray on, and wipe or mop off. Dirt and debris is removed with no requirement of applying a wet mop or rag to the floor to get the cleaner off.  It won’t dry your wood out, or diminish polish.

Eco, Pet, and Kid Friendly

Black Diamond avoids using and harmful or harsh chemicals in this cleaner, making it not only safe for your kids and pets, but biodegradable as well. This provides plenty of peace of mind for pet owners and people with small children.

Streak-Free, No Residue

If you’ve tried other cleaners, you probably notice that the vast majority of them leave annoying streaks, or some kind of strange residue that actually ends up trapping dirt. Not with this product. After drying, you’re left with a clean surface with no streaks or residue.

Spotless Flooring

Prevents New Messes

This product actually leaves a very small protective coating that prevents new dirt from attaching to the floor, making messes easier to clean or sweep up.

Disadvantages of Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

This is one of the best cleaners you can find, but there are a few minor drawbacks.

Not For Use with Your Main Mop

This cleaner isn’t ideal to use with your multi-use mop. If you are going to use a mop with this, you should keep it on hand for those cleaner only, as you can’t rinse the cleaner out very well.

Not for Adding Shine

Despite the fact that this cleaner is very effective in removing messes, dust, and dirt from your floors, it won’t add any shine. In fact, it may make your floor a little dull afterwards. This can be remedied by using polisher, however.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cleaner that works as well as Black Diamond’s.

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Usage is virtually-fool proof, and the added benefit of not having to rinse your floor afterwards makes this an incredibly convenient and effective cleaner for your hardwood and laminate floors.

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