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Have you ever been stuck in a revolving door and just kept going in circles? Well, housekeeping more or less feels like being caught in one such revolving door. It just never ends. Although we dream of a clean and well-kept home, no one usually bothers charting out the housekeeping to-do list. No wonder most of us dread cleaning our homes. Not to mention if you have kids and pets. The situation just goes way out of your hands. Fortunately, there is something new in the market to ease your pain – new generation Steam Mops!

Steam mops are such a wonderful innovation that only simplifies cleaning but also speeds up the task, thus saving you both the time and effort. Although you are familiar with many cleaning equipment and different types of mops, the steam mop is one of a kind, which is already carving a name for itself.

If you check online for the best steam mop 2020, then you are sure to find a number of options with varying prices. The list is sure to confuse you. However, we have rounded up the 5 most popular steam mops that bring a host of benefits with them.

S. No.





Light N Easy Steam Mop S3101

  • Lightweight practical design
  • Easy way to sanitize hardwood floors
  • Quick heating and convenient features
  • 2

    Shark Genius Steam Pocket S5003D

  • 3 practical steam modes with steam blaster
  • Double side mop head for better efficiency
  • Touch-free handling of cleaning pads
  • 3

    Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940

  • Digital steam controls
  • Dual mop pads for different floor types
  • Easy scrubber for tough stains
  • 4

    Shark Steam Pocket Steam Mop with XL tank S3501

  • Large water tank
  • Double-sided cleaning pad
  • Easy swivel head
  • 5

    Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner 1543A

  • Works on multiple floor types
  • Packs vacuum and steam mop in one design
  • Flaunts great looks
  • Detailed Steam Mop Reviews

    1. Best Budget Steam Mop- Light N Easy Steam Mop S3101

    First Look

    This steam mop makes a great first impression and is one of the best-rated steam mops on the market. Featuring a long and slim arm, it has the water tank located close to the flat mop head. Ergonomic handle on the mop makes handling it easy. There is also a comfortable release cord wrap just below the handle. The telescopic arm allows height adjustment for convenience. Microfiber cleaning pad on the mop can be removed easily for washing.


    Being versatile, this steam mop can be used on expensive hardwood floors without leaving a streak. Cleaning dirty tile flooring is also an easy job. All the gunk that accumulates in the grout can be cleared off without vigorous scrubbing merely using the power of steam. Besides wood flooring and tiles, the mop can also be used on stone floor, marble, laminate, linoleum, ceramic, and other commonly used flooring.

    If you have to use the mop on carpeted floors, there is a carpet glider attachment that you can buy separately. The glider attachment can be snapped on top of the cleaning pad, which allows the mop to glide smoothly on the carpet without trapping fiber.


    Ease of use

    The convenience of use is one of the biggest strengths of the S3101. All you have to do is to fill water in the water tank, located above the mop head. The transparent top portion of the tank indicates the water level. You don’t require any cleaning chemicals. Therefore, this mop is safe to use in homes with kids. Deep sanitization with the power of steam cleaning means that it can be used to create spotless floors for the little ones. There is an LED indicator on the mop that turns on when the cord is plugged into an electrical outlet and powered on. The water heats up fast, and steam is ready in 20 seconds. It also aids faster drying of the floors.

    The microfiber mop head is triple-layered. Below the topmost fit layer, there is a permeable layer that lets steam pass through. Finally, there is an adsorption layer that provides gentle abrasion to remove dirt. Lint-free material of the outermost layer makes sure that you don’t leave scratches on your hardwood floor as you mop it. Even stubborn stains can be eliminated easily without applying too much pressure.

    As long as you hold the handle, the steam comes through and stops when you take your hands off the handle. Fuss-free steam release mechanism on this allows quick swipes for cleaning.

    The swivel mop head is one of the most significant advantages of its design. With this, the mop self-adjusts when you reach the edges of the room. Cleaning under the furniture is also easy with this design, without requiring you to bend. What’s even better is that there is a telescopic adjustment option to reach nooks and corners.



    Microfiber pad comes off easily thanks to the Velcro closure on the mount. You can wash and reuse the pad multiple times. As an anti-pilling pad, it doesn’t lose its texture easily and stays smooth on sensitive floors. Refilling the water tank and washing the cleaning pad are the only steps involved in maintaining the mop. Overall, this is a low maintenance option for first-time steam mop users.


    • Lightweight design makes the mop convenient for everyone to use
    • Faster heating time allows you to get the job done quickly
    • High temperature of the steam removes stains with fewer efforts
    • Convenient cord wrap on the handle allows practical storage of the mop when not in use
    • 20ft long cable allows covering a large area in a single shot


    • Small tank on the mop requires frequent refilling if you have a large area to handle.

    If you need something that is light in weight, affordable, designed with utilitarian features for a hardwood floor, then Light N Easy S3101 is the best floor steam cleaner.

    2. Best Steam Mop For Tile Flooring– Shark Genius Steam Pocket S5003D

    First Look

    The S5003D is one elegant looking mop that comes with some powerful features. Designed for hard floors, it is easy to maneuver the mop with a circular handle. The snug grip allows hassle-free use of the mop. Rectangular mop head on one side comes with a dirt grip pad on it. Rotating mop head also flips back and forth for letting steam out.

    Dirt grip pads are removable for ease of washing them. You get 2 cleaning pads in the package. You can customize the steam pressure by using the steam release trigger button to select high, medium, or low modes. With the spray wand, most daily cleaning is easy to handle. If you need to sanitize the floors deeply, you can attach the main mop body.


    Shark Genius Steam Pocket can be used on all types of sealed hard floors. Marble, tile flooring, stone floors, and hardwood floors are easy to handle with this mop. For cleaning laminate or linoleum flooring, low steam setting can be used. Simply flip the switch for steam mode setting and set it at the desired level, depending on how sensitive your floor is.

    Ease of use

    With its intelligent 3 steam modes, you can conveniently handle different types of stains with the right amount of steam pressure. The product comes dismantled but assembly is easy and quick. Attach the handle to the body of the mop, which houses the water tank. Connect this assembly to the mop head, and you are good to go. Convenient release of the mop head is possible, thanks to the mop head release button above the joint.

    Fill water in the mop’s water chamber and connect the power cord to an electrical outlet. Steam pocket mop works by letting out steam to loosen the dirt. The intuitive dirt grip design of the cleaning pad helps provide friction to remove dirt. Trapping stubborn stains, the cleaning pad quickly lifts off grime even from gaps and grouts on the tile flooring. Steam streaming through the head can be altered as required. By flipping the mop head back, steam blaster mode is activated automatically. This comes handy when you spot some tricky stains as you cover the floor.

    Mop head rotates freely, allowing you to cover corners of the room and gaps below furniture with the same ease as handling an even surface. Without using any chemicals, you can simply use clean water to clean the floor. Heating takes 20-30 seconds, and a continuous burst of steam is ready for use.



    Cleaning the mop head is very simple. With its touch-free design technology fitting the cleaning pad as well as removing it are possible without touching it. There is a quick-release button on the handle. On triggering this, the map pad comes off, and you can toss it for washing. When you have to install the cleaning pad on the mop head, place it flat on the floor and align the mop head on the top, and you are good to go.



    • Long 22 ft cable allows using the mop across a large area
    • Steam blaster technology of the mop works well on tough stains
    • The touch-free design makes sure that you can hygienically handle the mop and clean it
    • Spare cleaning pad helps extend the life of the mop


    • It is a little heavy to handle
    • You cannot use this on carpeted floors

    For homeowners with hardwood floors, this is a feature-packed steam mop for handling even the toughest stains on the floor.

    3. Best Steam Mop For Hardwood Floors – Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop 1940 

    First look

    With its modern looks, the mop packs ample features for absolute convenience. The slim handle offers a good grip while using the mop. Though the mop is a little heavy, easy swivel mop head makes it convenient to use on hard flooring.

    Button for steam pressure adjustment lies on the main body. The removable water tank feature is a rare to find design feat. The efficient cord management system on the mop is another good aspect of the design.


    Designed for different types of flooring, the mop is particularly suitable on hardwood floors. You get two types of cleaning pads. One is a soft microfiber pad, which is all white, and the other is a scrubby pad with grey stripes. For sensitive floors where you are worried about scratches, use the soft microfiber pad. It also works well for everyday cleaning without having to handle sticky gunk.

    The scrubby pad, on the other hand, is not suitable for the hardwood floor. Designed particularly for tile flooring, it does a reliable job of clearing grime from the tile grout. You can also activate the quick release trigger with your feet to use the retractable scrubber.

    Suitable for most hardwood floors, both the mop heads together cover nearly the entire house. You can use it on hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, marble, and granite.


    Ease of use 

    Remove the water tank and fill water in it. There is no need to use any chemical cleaners, as the powerful steam combats even the toughest of stains. Swivel head allows easy steering of the mop around the room. As the head folds flat, cleaning below the cabinets and furniture is also easy.


    Choose the steam mode and connect the power cord to an electrical wall outlet. It is a nice 23-feet cord, which makes it suitable for use even in a large room. Attach the appropriate cleaning pad, and choose the steam mode depending on the type of floor you want to clean. Swipe the mop back and forth on the stains. The microfiber heads let steam permeate the fabric, and the heat acts on the dirt.

    Mop pads also come with a mesh pocket. The fragrance disks available in the box can be placed in the pocket to spread a fresh ocean breeze fragrance in the room, as you mop the floor. If you plan to use the mop on carpeted flooring, then there is a handy carpet glider attachment provided. There is a range of scented demineralized water options available for use with this mop. Instead of using chemical cleaners, these fragranced liquids can be used on those days when you need a fresh scent while cleaning.



    The cleaning pad on the mop is machine-washable. With its durable microfiber fabric, it can be used multiple times without losing its texture. Wand and the profile, on the whole, feel sturdy and easy to handle. To pull off the mop head, there is a simple pull tab.


    • The intuitive design of the mop allows it to stand perfectly vertical without any support
    • Short contact of 15 seconds is all it takes to sanitize all types of floors
    • Removable water tank makes refilling an easy job
    • Removal of the mop head is easy with the pull-off tab
    • Large capacity water tank allows using the mop for a long time without the need for refills


    • Weighing 6 pounds, it is slightly heavy.

    If you need a powerful mop, which also lasts long, then this one makes a worthy consideration. It also comes with plenty of user-friendly features to reduce your efforts in using the mop.

    4. Another Great Option- Shark Steam Pocket Steam Mop With XL Tank S3501

    First look

    Before we get to the best mop on our list, here is yet another popularly selling model, which is quite efficient for its price tag. With a 12-inch wide swivel head, it has an easy-grip circular handle. As with most steam mops, it comes dismantled. However, there is a clear instruction manual that talks about assembly and usage of the mop. The large-sized water tanks are one of the prominent features.


    You can use this mop on most sealed hardwood, vinyl, tile, and laminate floors. However, it is not suitable to be used on polished wood surfaces or on expensive, sensitive fabric. Do not use this mop on unglazed ceramic floors, either. While there might not be severe damage in most cases, using the mop on such surfaces can lead to the floors losing their shine.

    Ease of use

    Fill water in the tank and power ON the mop. To let steam out, push the handle in a pumping motion a few times. This is one little drawback of using this mop. However, once steam is ready, the mop glides easily on the floor. There is a handy filling flask that comes in the box. You can use it to quickly and conveniently fill the tank. Filling the entire tank can cover most average-sized homes in one go.


    Swivel head design adds to the ease of steering the mop. It can also move smoothly in narrow spaces, hard to reach corners, and spaces below your furniture. The double-sided cleaning pad does a good job of removing dirt even without exerting too much pressure.


    The steady flow of steam makes it possible to remove dirt and even stubborn stains. The microfiber cleaning pad that comes in the box is soft and easily lifts off hair and fine dust from the floor.



    Both in terms of usage and maintenance, Shark Pocket with XL tank, is easy to handle. The pads are machine washable and can be reused. To remove the cleaning head, there is a quick-release button on top of the head. Filling the tank can be a little tedious, but the size makes sure that you do not have to do this often. Like other mops on our list, you do not require any harsh chemical cleaners for cleaning and sanitizing the floor with this steam mop.


    • 450ml large-sized water tank reduces the frequency of refilling
    • Every part attaches with a nice snap-fit and stays tight when you use the mop
    • Handle height adjustment is easy


    • With its pocket design on the cleaning pad, sliding it on to the mop head is not the most convenient feature.
    • The water tank is nearly flat, and so you would have to lay it horizontally flat on a surface to avoid spills while filling it.

    There are many performance-oriented features, which make this mop a good choice for homes. However, the addition of a few more user-friendly tweaks would have made it even better.

    5. Best Overall- Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner 1543

    First look

    Symphony Pet from Bissell makes a striking first impression with its looks. For all the features that this one delivers, it looks slim and stylish. At first glance, it might look like a normal upright vacuum cleaner. Look closer, and you will get an insight into the innovative features that the model brings. For houses with pets, the steam and vacuum options are a boon.


    Versatility is in the crux of the design of Bissell Symphony Pet. Both vacuum and steam functions can be used on linoleum, hardwood, ceramic, marble, and granite floors. You can use the low steam mode on hardwood floors as required.


    Ease of use

    With pets and kids under the same roof, maintaining hygiene at home becomes as critical as it is challenging. In such cases, this model makes use of innovative tech to deliver the convenience of getting two jobs done in one go. You can steam clean and vacuum at the same time. It is also useful if you have a hyperactive pet at home where you cannot set aside time for vacuuming and steam cleaning separately. Also, the quick drying time makes sure that your pet doesn’t have to trip on wet floors.


    Like other popular Bissell models, this one comes with scented discs for adding a fresh odor while cleaning. There is an additional steam boost kit, which includes disposable pads and steam boost tray. You can use this combination for tackling sticky gunk. Additionally, it comes with two different mop pads, a soft one for hardwood floors and a scrubby pad for tiles and stubborn dirt.

    With its steam on-demand design, you can effortlessly clean floors. You can use the vacuum alone or along with the steam to finish cleaning in one easy swipe. With its 3 steam modes, it is easy to set the desired level of steam intensity for cleaning messes of all types. There is a non-removable water tank of 400ml capacity. High and low mode settings, and instant steam boost functions are all accessible through the buttons placed close to the ergonomic handle. The steam trigger is also positioned on the handle itself. You can, therefore, instantly switch between steam and vacuum modes without bending.


    This is a pretty heavy mop given that it includes a vacuum cleaner in its design. However, the smooth swivel rectangular cleaning head makes it easy to use. You can use this to leave any type of sealed floor sparkling clean instantly.



    Emptying the dust collection chamber is an important step in maintenance. To enable hands-free removal of the collected dirt and pet hair, there is a push handle in the removable chamber. Like other steam mop models, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals and comes as a low maintenance model. Microfiber cleaning pad tray comes off easily with the quick-release trigger. The cord is attached low on the stick, and therefore you have to be slightly more careful while moving the machine around.


    • There are disposable cleaning pads included in the package to eliminate pet mess.
    • Emptying the debris tank is easy
    • Cyclonic suction collects various types of dirt like pet hair and other messes cleaned in no time
    • Intuitive design makes sure that the moisture from the steam compartment doesn’t enter the debris collection chamber.
    • Despite carrying multiple features, this one is easy to maneuver through the rooms.


    • It is hard to find something that you would not like about this product. The expensive price tag might perhaps be a slightly disappointing factor for some.

    If you need an all-in-one cleaning tool for a household with pets, then this is the best floor steamer with a vacuum. It is an all-rounder with its powerful suction and steam modes.

    Buyer’s Guide for Picking The Best Steam Mops

    Knowing a little about steam mops will help you understand why these are so popular. In a steam mop, you fill water in the designated tank. When water heats up, and steam is ready, the mop lets it out on the floor. The pressure and heat together help remove dirt and impurities on the floor. Here are some of the most popular benefits of steam mops:

    • These are known to be more efficient for daily cleaning and deep cleaning than conventional mops.
    • You can cut down the use of chemical cleaners when you use steam mops, hence, it is an eco-friendly initiative.
    • Most steam mops come with different steam settings making them a multifunctional addition to a house with different floor types in different rooms.
    • Kids love to crawl and pick up things from the floor. In such cases, using a steam mop can kill germs and attain quick sanitization.
    • Steam mops work well for people with allergies and make cleaning easy for them.

    Now that you know steam mops are beneficial, here are a few aspects to look at when you buy one. Knowing these features will help you understand the kind of steam mop you are getting for the money you spend.

    1. Weight of the mop

    Ideally, you would be gliding the mop on the floor while using it. Therefore, as long as it is easily maneuverable, the weight should not be a direct issue. However, you would have to lift the mop and keep it in its dedicated spot after use. Choosing a weight that you can handle should be your first priority. Light N Easy mop on our list is one of the lightest there is in the market.

    2. Head design

    Rectangular mop heads are the most common options. There are broadheads that help cover your floor in a few large strokes. Swivel heads are essential features. These move as you move to different parts of the room or close to walls. The mop head also turns when you need to reach below the furniture or even below cabinets.

    3. Washable cleaning pad

    Reusable cleaning pads on the mop are the most economical options. Pick those that are machine washable for an even more convenient option. Durable pads that stay as effective in cleaning as they are initially would be worth the money. If the package comes with spare pads, it would be a good deal. However, not all brands deliver spare pads. Simply check whether you can purchase replacement pads later on. The inclusion of different types of cleaning pads suitable for different types of floors would also be a good option.

    4. Compatible floor types 

    Using a steam mop on the wrong type of floor is one of the biggest steam mop mistakes to avoid. For instance, not all steam mops are suitable for hardwood floors. Some of them might leave behind nasty scratches, or the harsh steam can damage your expensive floors. Some might be too weak to handle tile flooring with dirt in the grout areas. Always look at the recommended usage before you buy a steam mop.

    5. Use on the carpeted floor

    Steam mops with simple cleaner pads might not be suitable for carpeted floors. Most mop manufacturers offer an extra attachment called the ‘carpet glider.’ This allows using the mop as you normally would on a carpeted floor. A few mops have this as a standard attachment, and in some, it is an additional expense.

    Along with the many features, you must also consider the time the mop takes to heat up. Overall easy controls and touch-free removal of cleaning pad are other perks that are good to have.

    A final word

    If you don’t own a cyclonic suction vacuum cleaner at home, then Bissell Symphony Pet mop and vacuum cleaner makes a cost-effective purchase. It is powerful in functioning and gets cleaning done quickly. With its sturdy build quality and overall user-friendly features, it can safely be called an all-rounder.  

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