Choose Between Berber Carpet Vs Wood Flooring For Your Home

Whether you are building a new home or renovating the already existing one, choosing the right flooring option to your home is extremely important. While there are several flooring options available to choose from, berbercarpet and wood flooring have been the prominent choice for many homeowners


between berbercarpet vs wood flooring is really daunting for them. However, when you take pros and cons of these flooring options, you can end up choosing the one that exactly meets your needs.

Durability And Spill Resistant


Durability has become synonymous with Berber carpet. However, the durability of the carpet varies based on the fiber used for making it. When you purchase high quality ones, you can expect them to last for longer years. When you invest on low quality carpeting, then you may undergo some problems like crushing. When it comes to hardwood flooring, you can definitely enjoy the durable feature. If you maintain it properly, the wood flooring definitely goes through several years. One of the most interesting aspects about hardwood flooring and Berber carpeting is that they will not lose their visual appeal even in high traffic areas like kitchen and living room. Everyone agrees to this feature of Berber carpet. Regardless of the fibers used in berber carpeting, all the varieties never absorb any spills and so, you can easily wipe it off. However, berber carpet is not stain resistant as certain types of berber carpets are highly prone to the oil stains. When it comes to hardwood flooring, the spills on the floor can be easily mopped away. It has higher resistance to spills. If you have installed low quality floors, spills may ruin the finish of hardwood flooring. So, it is better to opt for high quality wood flooring.

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Aesthetically Appealing And Comfort:

The hardwood floors are known to have a sophisticated look to any room and go well with any type of furniture. On the other hand, the berber carpets come up with unique patterns, designs and color schemes and so, you can choose the one based on your requirement. Berber carpet has a splashed color scheme that provides a great ability for adapting to any kind of interior design. The looped design of the berber carpet provides a cushion-like feel to your feet. You can experience this feel with nylon or wool carpet varieties. Polyester and olefin also provide this feel to some extent. As the name suggests, wood flooring may be hard for your feet but, investing on expensive flooring does not pose any pain or hardness to your feet. Investing on high quality berber carpeting and wood flooring makes you feel comfort even if you walk or stand for a long time.

Economical And Easy To Maintain:


Both berber carpets and wood flooring provide very good value for the money invested for purchasing them. However, these two flooring options are available in different price ranges, which let homeowners to choose the one based on their requirement. Wool berber carpets are a little bit extensive when compared to other varieties of carpeting. If you are a tight budget, you can go with berber carpeting made with polyester or olefin fabric. Likewise, wood flooring is also available in different forms and the price varies with the type of wood used for the flooring. Basically, wood flooring is somewhat expensive than berber carpet flooring. Both berber carpets and wood flooring are easy to maintain. They have good resistance to spills, which makes it easier for the homeowners to maintain it. If you have decided to install wood flooring, then you are required to just mop it once a week to ensure proper maintenance. When it comes to carpet flooring, it is just enough to vacuum it thrice a week. Of course, you can also call professionals to clean your carpet flooring every six month. Only if you clean and maintain them properly, you can expect these flooring to last longer.

Overall verdict:


Both berber carpeting and hardwood flooring are advantageous for all families. Instead of installing either of the floor types, you can have both the flooring options installed in various areas of your home to provide an appealing look to your property. As the wood flooring has higher resistance to spills and oil traction, it can be used in kitchen, entryways and other areas which are exposed to lots of oil spills and traction. The carpets ensure soft walking surface whilst insulating temperature and sound in your home. SO, they can be installed in living room and bedroom. When it comes to appearance, the mixture of two types of flooring gives a great look to your home. If you consider using single type of flooring all through the home, it may give a dull look to your properly. So, choose beber carpeting and wood flooring with different colors and patterns for your property.

15 thoughts on “Choose Between Berber Carpet Vs Wood Flooring For Your Home”

  1. I think I prefer hardwood floors for their asethetics, but you are right – no one wants to prance around barefoot on cold wood! Burrr!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please recommend a “brand” berber for me. I’m looking at Mohawk Horizon Socialite, but I am so fearful! I live alone, but have grandchilcren that vist every other weekend. I need to make a decision today! Thanks.

  3. I would be happy to recommend a brand for you if I knew what kind of qualities are most important to you. Warranty, environmental aspects, materials, etc.
    It looks like most of the Horizon line is made from some renewable sources, but these are things like recycled plastics. While I’m all for being ‘green’, I don’t care for Berber carpeting that isn’t mostly or all natural fibers (wool is a good example) because of problems associated with *burning*. With these PET based (Petroleum products, such as plastic), just dragging a piece of furniture will melt the fibers, where you set your furniture will cause indententaions that cannont be removed if you decide to re-arrange your furniture.

  4. Do you think a little dog’s claws could ruin a wood floor like I’ve heard? Her little pee spots have ruined our carpet, so now I don’t know which is better with pets, carpet or hardwood.

  5. Which is better with a pet, hardwood or carpet. Want to refurbish our 60 yr. old hardwood, but now have read that a pet’s claws can ruin wood floor.
    We have a mini-dachshund whose claws aren’t always clipped. So, stained carpet vs. claw scratches, what do you think?

  6. We are getting ready to sell our house. What sells better hardwood floors everywhere but the bedrooms, everywhere or all over carpenting that is excellent quality and neutral?

  7. Twespinosa,
    Sadly this is a flooring site and your question is one a realtor could help you with. I can give you my thoughts as someone who has sold homes with both carpet and wood/laminate flooring. The decision really depends on what your budget is, and what kind of look you want.
    As an example, previous to selling my home I had laminate installed throughout, bedrooms included. The home sold in 21 days as the people purchasing had a son with multiple allergies and carpet was not an option for them. It wasn’t hardwood and it wasn’t the most expensive laminate but it did make an impression and it was beautiful.
    The home with carpet was appreciated as well but it was a different market and sold less quickly.
    I hope that helps.

  8. Hello, I live in a house with synthetic wood floors in a tropical area where there is lots of sandy dirt. Despite my efforts to sweep and mop regularly, it seems my floors are constantly getting our feet dirty even the day after I clean. Any suggestions how to help this problem?

  9. I have a daily problem with a fine dust over the furniture, even vacuum once a week only bedrooms with barber carpet,rest of apartment is tile.This problem is only when the central air condition is on. The air cond. duct have been clean 3 times. The A./C. filter changed every month. Does berber carpet generates this fine dust?

    • Hello!
      So the feel of the carpet makes a big difference to me, which is why I am strongly in favor of the wool Berber varieties. The nylon fibers can be a bit rough on bare knees and, so, if you are someone who spends a good bit of time on the carpet chasing pets or children, I wouldn’t recommend going with the nylon if you have the option to go with wool.
      However, if you are just wanting the look and the durability and the texture of the carpet doesn’t bother you tremendously, by all means nylon is a good choice! There are good reasons why the nylon is the most popular material for Berber carpets: it certainly holds up well, looks great, and might be a really good choice if you don’t want the expense of the wool.
      Let us know what you decide and if you’re happy with it!


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