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Bedroom floors put the finishing touch on this most personal room you create. Did you wake up this morning thinking about “wood floors for my bedroom” or “hhmmm, plush carpeting for my bedroom floor”? Were you working to “design my wood floors for my bedroom” to create the perfect feel? If you go with wood, will it be hardwood, bamboo or cork? Or are you thinking parquet or laminate? And which carpeting options will you consider, natural fibers like wool, silk, sea grass, or cotton, or will you consider a man-made fiber like nylon or polypropylene? There are lots of options. Think big.

Are you looking for a place of peace and quiet where you can relax and unwind? Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for you and your spouse. Ratty, old carpet or other flooring does not give a bedroom the feeling of comfort and warmth that most people desire in their bedrooms. Having a bedroom that makes you feel comfortable and secure the moment that you walk into it should be your goal. Changing out your bedroom floors can be the key to changing your bedroom from a forgotten room to your own private sanctuary.

What kind of dream bedroom do you have in mind? Is your automatic response, “wood floors for my bedroom?” Hardwood flooring or laminate flooring is a great choice for a bedroom. The look of wood makes a room feel warmer and more welcoming, which may be exactly the look that you desire for your bedroom. If you are not sure about the warmth of wood on your bare tootsies in the morning, then you can add beautiful throw rugs all around the room to keep your feet warm. The options are endless in wood flooring. You can even design your own floor by choosing different woods and arranging it in different and unique patterns. Be creative and you will have a floor that is the envy of others.
Natural stone tile may be an option that you want to consider for your bedroom floors as well. There are so many different kinds and colors of stone that will go with any kind of decor that the only hard part will be choosing the kind of tile that you want for your bedroom. Choose tile that flows with the rest of your home and that makes your bedroom feel like a sanctuary. Natural stone tile flooring gives any room a more expensive feel and a spa-like look. If this is what you have in mind for your room, then you will want to look at all of the natural stone tile options that are available. Mix and match colors and be creative to create that custom look that you desire.

Bedroom floors can also be carpeted. Carpeting is available in many different colors, patterns and different length loops or pile. You can find the carpet that feels the best under your feet and appeals to your senses most. Whether you choose a throw rug or wall-to-wall carpeting, take your shoes off and see what it feels like on your bare feet. Your feet will be feeling this carpeting on those cold mornings when you roll out of your nice warm bed.
Whichever bedroom flooring you choose, make sure that it makes you feel good. Don’t choose flooring based on what others are doing, but choose the flooring for your bedroom based on what makes you feel warm and secure. Wood flooring, natural stone tile flooring, and carpeting are all great choices for any room, but research all of your options to see which one is best for your bedroom. Then you will have made a choice that will make your bedroom into the sanctuary that it should be!

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  1. I am thinking of removing my carpet from my bedroom and putting self stick tile. What prep do I need to do after taking the carpet up and then putting the tile down.


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