Ash Flooring

Ash hardwood flooring is almost as hard as white oak, giving you a durable flooring. Quarter sawn ash flooring gives an unusual look not found in other styles of wood flooring. This is one reason why it has become the option for a lot of people who is looking for something that is quite different from all the various flooring options available today. Ash flooring is a beautiful choice for your home and office.


Are you looking for a lighter colored wood floor that brightens up the rooms in your home? Ash hardwood flooring is a great choice for you as it allows the focus to be on your decor and your furnishings. The beautiful light tan to dark brown colors looks great in any style of home. Ash flooring is one that you are sure to enjoy in your home, as it will make your home seem more open and welcoming. It also can give a classy, yet vintage look to your office space as well.

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Ash hardwood floors are durable and shock resistant. They have a Janka rating of 1320, making it between red and white oak in hardness. This makes them good choices for high traffic areas, or areas that are susceptible to things being dropped. That means that is excellent for use in kitchens where pots, pans, and other kitchen tools may be accidentally dropped while cooking or in family rooms or play rooms where children love playing and throwing their toys around and at each other. Ash hardwood absorbs very little water and hence any water that is dropped on the floor can be easily mopped up. Water or oil is easily visible which makes it easier to notice it early, thus avoiding any mishap by way of slipping and injury. These beautiful floors will be able to withstand any abuse that your family can dish out on them!


Ash flooring is easy to install and isn’t difficult to work with. It takes stains and finishes well too. There is a wide variety of stains that you can choose from if you are looking for a particular finish, or you could have it installed in its natural color with a clear protective finish. It also offers various customizations and patterns as well. It is easy to handle and hence can be done without any professional help. If your renovation budget is quite slim, you can’t ask for a better flooring option than ash hardwood.


If you are looking for a beautiful, low maintenance flooring option, then ash hardwoods may be the ticket. They are also great for families with allergy sufferers as they are easier to remove allergens from than carpets are. Carpets allow allergens to be caught in their fibers, which makes them extremely difficult to remove. Hardwoods keep the allergens on top of the flooring, which allows them to be removed with a dust mop and regular cleaning.


Ash is used for many different purposes other than flooring. It’s widely used to make baseball bats (like Louisville Slugger’s) due to its high shock resistant qualities and durability. It is also used for tool handles and other sports equipment as well. This wood is a beautiful and practical choice for many different applications.


Ash flooring allows you to express yourself in decorating without the floor taking all of the interest away from your room. While it is a beautiful floor, it helps the rest of your room to be showcased. You can also try flooring your bathroom with ash hardwood to give it a unique feel. Not many people like the dark tan of ash hardwood in their private places, but what is wrong in experimenting?


Quarter sawn ash flooring is a slightly more expensive option than tradition ash flooring, but the benefits may far outweigh the cost difference. One benefit is the added beauty of quarter-sawn wood. Other benefits include less shrinking, warping, swelling, and twisting of the wood. The surface is also smoother since the grain is not pronounced. This helps it take color more evenly and easily. So, if you are not worried about spending that little extra on your renovation budget, you should definitely go for the quarter sawn ash flooring. It is totally worth every single penny spent.


Whether you choose plain or quarter sawn ash flooring, you are sure to have a beautiful floor that will last through many years of walking and playing. This flooring will go with any decorating style that you choose over the years too. You can visit few houses that have used ash hardwood flooring to get a feel of how it will look once completed. It also helps you decide where to use it and where not to. The high quality, bright wood of ash flooring will give you years of enjoyment in your home!

1 thought on “Ash Flooring”

  1. We just installed Quarter Sawn Ash flooring in our kitchen/dining area.
    We stained it using Rosewood colored stain and semi-gloss poly.
    We tested many stain colors and they all looked great b/c of the redish grain going through it.
    We absolutely love the wider planks.
    Our floor looks very different from the ‘traditional’ look and we have already gotten many compliments.
    Would highly recommend this type of hard wood flooring.


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