Everything about Allergy free Berber Carpets

If you or a family member suffers from allergies, then I am sure that you are very careful about what you bring into your home. There are many items that can cause an allergic reaction due to the material that they are made of or the chemicals that are used to make them.

If you are an allergy sufferer, it’s more important you do your research to help save yourself the misery of health problems and the financial costs of an allergy attack. Allergy symptoms can also be caused by contaminants that settle in and around items in your home, so you will want to consider elements of your allergies as well. If you are a person with allergies, it is totally understandable on your dismay when we say installing allergy free Berber carpets is now possible! However, here is a unique option to have these carpets as a part of your home décor and not face allergies too.

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A breakthrough innovation in Berber carpets!

Many people claim to be allergic to this kind of carpet, but it may not be the “Berber” they are allergic to. They may find there is a way to have the beauty of this classic carpeting in their homes if they so desire by finding out what. Quality Berber carpet is a nylon or wood variety.

These materials are known for their durability and ease of care. In most cases, if you believe that you are allergic to berber, it is because allergens have set up residence in your carpeting, including mold, mildew, dust mites, other particles etc. This can be taken care of by having it cleaned with low-allergen and natural ingredients, by a professional carpet cleaner. Cleaning allergy free Berber carpets is convenient and easy, as it can be done using natural ingredients.


Disadvantages of this Carpet:

Before selecting allergy free Berber carpets one must know all the advantages and disadvantages of these carpets and how different are they from the usual carpet flooring options. Weigh the pros and cons to determine if this is the right choice for you and your allergy symptoms. If you are allergic to wool, which is generally a contact allergy, consider how much time you spend on the floor with bare skin touching the fibers before you reject wool Berber altogether. Another culprit that could be causing you to think that you are allergic to this kind of carpet is the underpad.

Install Formaldehyde-Free Carpet Pads

Some carpet pads have formaldehyde in them, which can cause some people migraines and other allergy symptoms if they are susceptible to this chemical. By asking for formaldehyde-free carpet pads, you can help decrease the chance that you will have this reaction. This would need to be done while having the carpeting installed, but it can make a big difference to your allergies if you are sensitive to formaldehyde. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can be released by any kind of carpeting and padding you install in your home or office. If you are sensitive to any of these compounds, they can cause various health symptoms, including headaches. With proper ventilation, it can take anywhere from 72 hours to several years for VOCs to dissipate.

Keep away allergies caused by organic compounds by shifting to more natural and less chemical cleaners or go for installing allergy free Berber carpets.

Alternative solutions to Allergies:

If you are sensitive and allergic to many different things, then you may want to have your carpet installed and then leave the home for a few days until the VOCs have been lowered enough to cause no symptoms. This is something that you need to consider if you have severe allergies or allergy-induced asthma. You may also want to consider putting a hard surface floor down, instead of carpeting, as long as it’s been sealed with low-VOC finishes. These are some of the alternative solutions you can opt when you are installing allergy free Berber carpets.


Is it the Berber carpet or something in or under your carpet you are allergic to? By planning ahead, you are better able to eliminate some of the issues that can cause health problems and by vacuuming and professionally cleaning your carpets regularly, you can take care of further issues. You may be able to enjoy the beauty of Berber without worrying whether you are allergic or not. Selecting allergy free Berber carpet is thus made easy!

18 thoughts on “Everything about Allergy free Berber Carpets”

  1. I moved into a new apartment that had Berber carpeting already installed. two things I noticed after moving in were that they didn’t put any padding underneath. The floor is very hard. I also noticed an unbelievable amount of dust. Is dust a characteristic of berber, and should there be padding? If anyone knows the answers, please write back to [email protected]

  2. Hi Charlie,
    It sounds like the carpet wasn’t vacuumed on a regular basis. If the carpet is still in very good shape you might want to try using a shop-vac on it. Please try in an area that’s not noticeable first, just in case the shop-vac’s suction is too strong and unravels the berber. I doubt that it will, but you don’t want to be responsible for paying for a new carpet. Better yet, call you landlord and tell him that you’re unhappy with the nasty dust in the carpet and tell him that it needs *something* done to it. All that dust couldn’t be good for your resperatory system to boot. Some states require that the carpeting is to be cleaned before a new tenant moves in, you might want to check into that as well. Good luck!

  3. Padding under carpet is essential to not only your comfort but also to the carpets longevity. If the landlord chose to not pad the carpet make sure you aren’t held responsible for it wearing out quickly.
    What kind of dust do you have? Is it fibers from the carpet or dust that’s like dirt? I agree with The Flooring Lady that you want to get that cleaned up so it doesn’t damage your health.

  4. Annett, Any of us can be allergic to chemicals. I harp on people being more judicious with their use of chemicals to clean and deodorize their homes and offices. Your child could react like that now, and have it get worse with time and exposure.
    There could be other things going on the child is reacting to, but start using vinegar and baking soda for your cleaning to help lower your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals.
    I hope the red bumps go away soon.

  5. Hello Annette,
    I have to agree – there’s no telling what your child could be reacting to and you’re being very smart to worry about chemicals. I am also allergic to many cleaning chemicals, especially products like Formula 409 – any contact at all leaves tiny, deep, painful blisters. Using cleaners that don’t have chemicals is the way to go. Green is good. ;~)

  6. Flooring Lady, I have never had allergies in my life but replaced some carpeting a few years ago and suddenly began having allergy type symptoms. After many doctor visits I was told it could be the formaldehyde in my carpet. Do both the carpet and pad contain this chemical? I need to replace more carpeting but do not want to be sick for two years again. What should I do different this time when looking for carpet?

  7. Hi Angela,
    Most carpet and pad manufacturers have gone “green” these days, which is a plus for allergy sufferers! The best thing to do is to either call (or contact thru websites) manufacturers and ask them which of their product lines are formaldehyde free.
    Also, it might not be formaldehyde – carpets do trap allergens, which is why many people with allergies simply won’t use carpeting and opt for wood or tile flooring (ceramic, porcelain, stone).

  8. Hi Lil,
    I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding products. Most carpet manufacturers are concerned with this too and becoming more green by leaps and bounds. I’d suggest finding some carpeting you like and then contacting the manufacturer to find out if the choice is formaldehyde free. Chances are, it will be. ;~)

  9. i have a question: i had a house fire almost 2 years ago. we had a upstairs added on and my 15 year old son went up there. never had any problems til he moved up there. we had new carpet out up there. i was taking him to the dr. like every week (headaches, sore throat, cant sleep, stomach aches) can this be due to the carpet that was put in? can i have it tested? please help i don’t know what to do anymore. thank you

  10. Hi Rose,
    Have you tried moving your son back downstairs temporarily to see if his health conditions clear up any? If the carpeting is two years old, I doubt that it should be causing problems. There’s not much of any way to test the carpet itself, but you might be able to find out from the manufacturer what VOC’s it may contain. After two years though, the VOC’s should be gone.
    One thought I have is that it could be the plywood, it could have rather high levels of formaldehyde which can cause problems. Do you remember hearing about the health problems of people living in the trailers provided by FEMA after hurricane Katrina?

  11. Quick question on underpad for a Berber carpet.
    What thickness do you recommend and is it better to spend the money on the Heathsafe ones that promote their underpad for those who want to control allergies and mould?
    Thank you in advance.

  12. Hi Heidi,
    The thickness really depends on what you prefer, thicker isn’t always better. Make sure that your carpeting choice is natural fiber rather than a PET product (petroleum based, made from recycled plastics, etc.). Yes, I do recommend carpet pad that helps with allergens, there are other brands too.

  13. Some doctors can run tests based on common chemicals found in carpets. My parents had this done when I was younger and found that I am allergic to the Stainmaster solution they put in the carpet to deflect dirt. I know within a good 5 or 10 minutes of walking barefoot on a carpet if this solution has been added. Now that I’m older, I know we can live in a house without carpet, or we can ask a dealer to show us (a very narrow selection) of carpets without the solution. Maybe this will help you a little. I know I’ve lived with it for almost 18 years since finding out what it was, so it’s not impossible to deal with…just a pain in the butt!

  14. Hi Michelle,
    Wow – can you imagine how horrible life would have been for you had never found out you were allergic to the Stainmaster chemicals? Thanks for sharing – something else to think about!

  15. Wow, this is great! I just developed a sort of contact dermatitis to the carpet I think. Itching and burning on bottom of feet and toes just started when I moved into a new place. Started wearing shoes and then went on vacation for a couple of days and now itching and burning in my feet is gone. What do you do knowing you are allergic? Shoes in the house? Allergist? It is a rental so I can’t rip it out…Thanks flooring lady!

  16. Heather,
    I would be sure to have the carpet cleaned. It is possible that you are allergic to “something” on or in the carpet, and not the carpet itself. (like a carpet deorderizer, pet hairs, cleaning detergent).
    I would also make sure that other floor surfaces are cleaned well, since you are unaware of what the previous renters have used.


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