8 Modern Wood Floors

If you have made the difficult and laborious decision to fill your home with wood floors, you have already had to make a lot of decisions. Sadly, however, the important decisions are not yet over. It is important for you to realize that there are more crucial decisions to make beyond that initial one. After all, a wood floor is not just a wood floor. You may want a real hardwood floor, an engineered one, a bamboo one, etc.  Take a look at our Best Wood Flooring Reviews for the latest info on which floor would best suit you.

When it comes to wood flooring, your options are extensive. Truly, you have pages and pages of options to choose from. For a truly modern home, you likely want to make sure you have a floor that will match your unique style. Thus, I have compiled a list of eight modern floors that you might consider for your home. I encourage you to find the right gloss, color, width and price that works best for you and your home.

Modern Wood Flooring Choices

Bamboo Hardwood - Engineered (4'' Ebony)

This floor is especially unique to a modern home as it is essentially black in color. Black wood floors have been growing in popularity, especially in more contemporary or modern homes. The price is manageable, as it is engineered, but you still get the unique qualities, as it is bamboo flooring.

Prime Harvest Hardwood - Solid Oak (5'' Oceanside Gray)

If you want something that is not engineered, you might consider this modern floor. This would pair well with any home that has lighter accents as it has a deep color. It has both a traditional finish and a high gloss, making this floor stand out in a great way.

Helana Kupay Hardwood - Engineered (5'' Stonehenge/Charcoal)

It is clear that darker flooring options are more commonly the way to go when you have/want a more modern home. It scores well in terms of its hardness on the Janka scale, helping ease the concern of durability. It also has minimum gloss if you would prefer a floor that has a bit less shine.

Smooth Sailin Maple Hardwood - Engineered (5'' Maple Natural)

A lighter option for your modern home, this floor has a phenomenal Janka ranking while still having a relatively low cost compared to most floors. It has a more natural look, hence the name of the finish, and it also has a semi gloss.

Cork Hardwood - Engineered (12'' Aphrodite Creme)

This especially unique floor is a type of engineered flooring, but the cork gives it a special look that will surely catch someone’s eye. In Aphrodite crème this floor will fit well with any modern room. With a moderate price, lengthy warranty and high density, this floor would be a great addition to any modern home.

Almada Cork Hardwood - Engineered (4-18/25'' Tira Areia)

This floor is similar to the previous floor as it is also cork. However, this floor is on an entirely different level of unique. With a natural gloss, this floor has a look that is entirely its own, making it a great addition to any modern home.

Rustic Accents Exotic Hardwood - Engineered (4-18/25'' Natural)

This slightly more expensive option is exotic and natural with a medium gloss. With its unique width length and unique look, you will no doubt receive comments on how different your floor is compared to many. In a truly modern home, this floor is a must.

Hudson Bay Hickory Hardwood - Engineered (Random Width, Brushwood)

The best part of this modern floor is the fact that it does not have a specific width. This creates a sense of sustained disorder in your flooring that many people enjoy. Its low gloss aids in its unique look, giving any room in your home a unique look. The relatively low cost only adds to its great qualities.

Don’t believe that these are your only wood floor options for your modern home. I have only outline eight wood floors, but there are so many more. I understand that it might be overwhelming to pick between the many different ones that seem to only have slight differences. I hope this article helped you narrow down your options a bit more. Creating your perfect home should never be stressful.

If you did not find your perfect flooring in one of these eight options, I encourage you to keep looking. Just because it isn’t here, doesn’t mean it isn’t somewhere. They have a wonderful array of options at your disposal if you just give it some time.

Any of these modern wood floors would be a great addition to a new, modern home.

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