4 Trendy ideas for discount glass mosaic tile backsplashes

Mosaic tile backsplash4 Trendy ideas for discount glass mosaic tile backsplashes

A backsplash is very important in any kitchen project. While its primary job is to protect the walls from water or other liquids, it also becomes vital to the aesthetic of the whole room. That’s why choosing backsplash is an important decision. 

There are many factors involved in making a choice. Aside from the budget, homeowners need to think about the tile size, and of course, the design. It needs not only to look good but be cohesive and complement the rest of the things in the kitchen.

Once you have a design idea in mind, you can start looking through here for some discount glass mosaic tile backsplashes. And if you have any leftover, here are some cool ideas you can use them for.

  1. Coasters – If you want some coasters that are unique and no one else will have, you can turn your leftover tiles into coasters! Of course, you will need to have the right tools to ensure that you can cut the tiles properly. If you are not familiar with the power tools, you might need to ask someone to do them for you so that you cannot endanger yourself. You can go for the usual design, such as circles or squares, or you can make it more unique and have a geometric pattern carved out from your leftover tiles.
  2. Mirror frame – If you have plain white walls in your bathroom, you can add more style by putting up a mirror that has been framed by leftover backsplash tiles. This is a fun upgrade you can do and you will not have to spend too much money as you are only using tiles that you have already have. Make sure that your mirror is heavy-duty and that it should be screwed tight to the wall. The mirror combined with the tiles might be heavy so you want to secure it nice and tight so as to avoid any accident. 
  3. Wall art – Add some more art to your walls by framing some of the tiles and fastening them to the wall. If you like doodling or drawing, you can actually add some more details so as to give contrast and make it more unique. For plain tiles, you can look for stencil patterns that you can paint on the tiles. 
  4. Decoration for cabinets and planters – You can even use tiles for your furniture. Spruce up old cabinets or even tables and stools by gluing some tiles to them. Make sure to get precise measurements so that you can cut up the tiles properly. You’ll be surprised at how your furniture can be transformed with some tiles and glue. You don’t have to limit yourselves to old furniture, even small things like trays can be given a new facelift. Just remember that the edges of tiles can be sharp, so if there are edges protruding, you might have to do something or add something to ensure that no one can get hurt accidentally when they bump into it. 


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